What is the Media Teaching Your Teen?


teens and the media  What is the Media Teaching Your Teen? teens and the mediaIn today’s society, the media plays a huge role in influencing how troubled teens develop. Most of the content that we see on TV, on the radio, in print, in movies and in music attempts to send some sort of message to its viewers. At Cedar Ridge Academy, we employ a number of therapeutic strategies to teach our students how to effectively determine what media content is acceptable and what is not. Please call us with any questions at 866-471-6629.

How can teens avoid negative influences from the media?

The most effective way for teenage boys and girls to avoid negative influences from the media is to distance themselves from it as much as possible. Teens should spend more time reading, exercising, spending time with family, etc. than they do watching TV or movies. However, it is nearly impossible to avoid all interaction with the media, so it is critical that adolescents learn how to determine what material is suitable and what is not. Teens should consider two main thoughts when deciding whether something is appropriate or not:

– If I would not like what I see, hear, or read about to materialize in my life, than it is also not suitable for viewing or reading.

– If it makes me doubt my worth or how good I am, it does not deserve my time.

If we can teach our teenage boys and girls to think critically like this, they will minimize the negative influence that the media has on them. It is also important that teens learn how to effectively criticize the material they are viewing or hearing. Here are some questions that teens should ask themselves:

– Who is the creator of this media?

– What is their purpose behind creating the media?

– What is the message they are trying to send (What are they implying)? Are the messages true?

– How does watching this make me feel? Why?

– Am I being told that I need this or want this? What is the truth?

Cedar Ridge Academy: Teaching Students to be critical of media content

At Cedar Ridge Academy, our therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens has helped many adolescents turn their lives around. We strive to keep our students physically active, improving their self-esteem and confidence. We also have an exceptional academic program, with many of our courses offered in an online setting. This familiarizes our students with technology, and helps expose them to many different types of media; teaching them to decide for themselves what is acceptable and what is not. Please call us today if you have any questions or concerns at 866-471-6629.