Therapy for Residential Treatment Center Students | Cedar Ridge RTC

Cedar Ridge residential treatment center utilizes milieu therapy, as well as integrated individual and group therapy. Milieu therapy is “environmental” and “experiential“, as well as “community-based“. Meaning, at Cedar Ridge our goal is to create a strong positive community where students feel connected and accepted.  In a positive milieu environment students are encouraged, supported, and accountable to each other. There is a strong message of… “you have what it takes to be successful, you matter, and we care about you…”.

In a milieu therapy program, the emphasis is on “care”, “trust”, and “serve”. Students gain empathy and a heart of service toward others. Moreover, the focus is on building a positive peer culture while challenging the negative sub-culture that is prevalent in today’s society.  The outcome of milieu therapy is remarkable because each individual student learns to take responsibility for every choice they make, while holding themselves accountable to the community.

To create this milieu, the clinical, academic, and home management leaders meet formally once a week to discuss student and program needs as a comprehensive treatment team. They also interact on a daily basis, discussing students as needed and supporting each other in what they do best – changing the lives of their students and their families.

Cedar Ridge focuses a main part of the therapeutic milieu on each student participating in individual and family therapy with a state licensed Masters or PhD level therapist. After an initial assessment by our clinical director each student and family is assigned to an appropriate therapist on our clinical staff. Therapy sessions for a students are one hour each week, including time on the phone with the family.

Group Therapy

In addition to the individual and family therapy sessions, students also participate in many hours of group therapy each week. Group therapy includes specialized small groups to target specific issues (ie. chemical dependency, relationships, adoption, grief and loss, dialectical behavioral therapy), a mini-workshop “Big Group” that involves the entire coed campus family meetings that involve the students who shape a family-style dorm and their home’s assigned staff.

Family Workshops

Cedar Ridge Academy hosts Family Workshops several times each year, when parents join their students for two days of presentations, therapeutic experiences, and teacher conferences. Families participate in at least one session in person with their therapist in conjunction with the workshops.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Cedar Ridge approach to drug and alcohol issues is also individualized for each student. However, students are mentored in undertaking specific tasks to address drug and alcohol related problems. The primary task involves using the Fears Chart to assist our struggling teens in identifying and working through unresolved issues such as traumas, grief, repression, etc.  This approach is consistent with recent research that show this style to be more successful with teens in a therapeutic stetting that traditional AA or NA models.

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