Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Teenagers from Dubai

Academic Help for Teenagers from Dubai  Therapeutic Boarding Schools Dubai 02introIf you’re the parent of a teenager from Dubai and you’re looking for international therapeutic boarding schools for them, Cedar Ridge Academy might be the right place to help your son or daughter. While other therapeutic boarding schools are beneficial to troubled teens, Cedar Ridge Academy has an effective and innovative program that offers benefits many other schools can’t promise. Whatever the issue your child has or if he/she just needs assistance for college prep, Cedar Ridge Academy can help turn their life around. If you would like our help or want more information about the program, call us today at 866-471-6629.

Why Our Program Works for Students from Dubai

Cedar Ridge Academy can serve as an effective international program for many reasons. Firstly, our therapy and academics are one-of-a-kind. Our schooling challenges and rewards students, all the while accounting for the learning disabilities many of our students have, and helping them overcome these. Cedar Ridge Academy has a 1:6 academic staff to student ratio, which means each teen gets as much individual attention as is needed to see them succeed. Our therapists don’t just see students in their office, but are also involved in the classroom, so that they may get the most comprehensive knowledge of the issues each troubled teen is going through. This makes for more productive way to work through the issues your teen has, whatever they may be. Our use of mandatory Karate lessons adds to the transformation of teens here. Physical activity has proven to be integral to the recovery of troubled teens, and karate in particular instills many positive character traits in teens that most other therapeutic boarding schools can’t teach as effectively. Your child will return to you with a new sense of responsibility, respect, and self-confidence, which are traits that will help them stay on the right track.

Why Choose Cedar Ridge Academy

Cedar Ridge Academy has been a great option for parents from Dubai and the rest of the EU looking for international therapeutic programs. Our program has incredible success with teens who have any number of different mental health or behavioral problems. We want to help parents see the change they’re looking for in their child. If you would like our help, call us today at 866-471-6629.