Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Students from Australia

THERAPEUTIC BOARDING SCHOOLS - AUSTRALIA  Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Students from Australia Cedar Ridge Academy Karate Instructor Rob NielsonIt can be difficult for parents of troubled teens from Australia to find a therapeutic boarding school that offers the right programs to facilitate quick and effective recovery. At Cedar Ridge Academy, we pride ourselves on making a difference in the lives of teens struggling with issues ranging from substance abuse to violence or depression. Regardless of the issues your son or daughter is struggling with, they will be able to greatly benefit from their time with us. After staying at Cedar Ridge Academy, troubled teens are able to return home having completely overcome the problems that led them to treatment. If you are in need of help or more information, we urge you to contact us immediately at 866-471-6629.

Advantages Cedar Ridge Academy Offers To Troubled Teens From Australia

1 – Carefully designed therapy programs – Our therapy programs have been carefully designed and refined through years of experience in helping troubled teens. With this extensive experience we are confident that the therapy we provide will meet your teen’s needs and give them the guidance they need to overcome any issues they have been dealing with.

2 – Karate Instruction – We use instruction in karate to build confidence and self-discipline in troubled teens. We have found that these traits are often missing in teens who have been struggling and their absence has played a major role in the development of their problems.

3 – Compassionate and experienced staff – Our staff are all carefully trained and highly experienced at dealing with teens with a wide variety of issues. Regardless of the problems your teen is dealing with, your staff will be able to help them make the progress they need.

Choose The Right Therapeutic Boarding School For Your Troubled Teen

With the numerous benefits of participating in our program described above, you can be sure that your son or daughter will achieve the changes they need while staying with us. We know that choosing to send your troubled teen to a therapeutic boarding school can be a difficult decision, however you won’t regret helping your son or daughter make this valuable transformation. If you are from Australia and in need of our help, contact us immediately at 866-471-6629.

We Help Troubled Teens From These Australian Cities:

Melbourne, Sydney, Gladstone, Perth, Dampier