Staying Connected to your Student 

Beyond the handwritten letters, emails, phone and Skype calls, there are a number of other ways to remain connected with your loved one.  Our website is a great resource for the families of students at Cedar Ridge Academy to easily navigate to the icons on the right-hand side of the screen.

staying connected image  Teens and Parents Stay Connected staying connected image

Every weekday we capture some of the interesting things going on around campus and post them on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  Sharing these photographs helps create a greater sense of connection for our families.

Our blog is updated on a regular basis with articles often written by our students covering all sorts of subject matters ranging from campus activities to personal insights they have discovered.

We also have Family Access where you can keep up to date with your student’s academic progress and see specific areas where the Cedar Ridge staff is working with your student to improve on skills. Family Access also allows you to track their mail log, pictures and any therapeutic notes given.

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