Troubled Teens and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

Student Autonomy mastery purpose Cedar Ridge Academy co-ed therapeutic boarding school  Teens and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) Student Autonomy mastery purpose Cedar Ridge Academy co ed therapeutic boarding schoolMany troubled teens suffer from Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), and haven’t found the help they need to deal with the issues associated with this disorder. ODD is associated with an ongoing pattern of uncooperative, disobedient, aggressive behavior towards adult authority figures. At Cedar Ridge Academy, we can help correct all of the negative behaviors associated with ODD. Our therapeutic boarding school has helped countless troubled teens transform their lives. Please call us today at 866-471-6629 with any questions or concerns.

Possible Symptoms of Troubled Teenage Boys & Girls with ODD:

+ Easily irritated by peers

+ Always arguing with parents and other adults

+ Questioning, and refusing to abide by, rules

+ Go out of their way to irritate others

+ Say overly hurtful things during arguments

+ Vengeful, aggressive attitude

ODD causes troubled teens to participate in many different negative behaviors. This can often cause a number of problems in their lives, such as academic struggles, drug or alcohol addiction, relationship problems, or even legal troubles. Though the causes of ODD are unknown, there are many different help options available.

Cedar Ridge ACademy: Helping Troubled Teens change their lives

At Cedar Ridge Academy, we are a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens that can help struggling adolescent boys and girls overcome whatever issues are holding them back in life, including issues associated with ODD. We provide a unique variety of therapy programs, encouraging our students to remain physically active with programs such as our karate therapy. We believe that regular exercise is extremely beneifical towards helping teenagers maintain a calm, steady mindset. This is extremely beneficial for adolescents who have ODD.

We also enable our students to get back on track in the classroom. Many kids struggle with their grades because they haven’t received the necessary help they need to deal with the symptoms associated with ODD. At Cedar Ridge Academy, your son or daughter will be able to overcome their negative behaviors, and receive the time and attention they need to get caught up, and often even get ahead, in their studies. Please give us a call today if you feel that our program could benefit your family at 866-471-6629.