Summer Programs Troubled Teens- WISCONSIN

For troubled teens from Wisconsin that have had their grades begin to drop or have started behaving poorly, timely intervention through  summer programs can be incredibly important.  Cedar Ridge Academy offers a 90 day summer program that helps teens begin to make better choices through the use of therapy, karate, and excellent academics.  If you have a teen that has started to struggle, this program can stop them from continuing down that bad path.  Through our professional help, your teen will be able to succeed in the way you know they are capable of.  Parents from Wisconsin can reach to learn more about our teen summer program at 866-471-6629.


Summer Programs Troubled Teens Wisconsin  Summer Programs Troubled Teens Wisconsin Cedar Ridge Academy co ed therapeutic Boarding School student potentialOne of the unique forms of treatment that we incorporate into helping teens during our summer program is our Shotokan Karate program.  During our summer program teens receive 6 hours per week of instruction in karate from our expert staff members.  This can be incredibly important to a teen’s recovery as increasing physical activity can have an incredibly beneficial impact on a teens mind and body.  In addition, our karate program is designed to build a sense of self-discipline and confidence that will help your teen succeed after they leave Cedar Ridge Academy.  In conjunction with karate, your teen will go through an extensive course of individual and group therapy.  By going through these two forms of treatment simultaneously, the teens that go through the Cedar Ridge Academy summer program have incredible results.  If you have a teen from Wisconsin that could benefit from this program, please reach out to us as soon as possible.

HELP FOR YOUR Troubled Teen From Wisconsin

With our years of experience, Cedar Ridge Academy will make a difference in your teen’s life.  Wisconsin teens have been finding the help they need from our summer programs.  With our combination of therapy, karate, excellent academics, and a therapeutic environment, we have what it takes to help troubled teens struggling with many different issues.  If you are ready to enter your teen in a summer program that will have a real impact, call us today at 866-471-6629.


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