Summer Programs For Troubled Teens – Florida

Therapeutic summer programs like those provided by Cedar Ridge Academy, help troubled teens from Florida overcome a wide variety of issues.  When you send your teen to our program, they will spend their summer going through an intensive program of therapy and academics designed to help.  This is an excellent opportunity for teens from Florida to start on a better path.  If you are from Florida and are interested in summer programs that can help teens make better choices and be more successful, please contact us today at 866-471-6629.

The Best Treatment For Troubled Teens Comes From Summer Programs

Summer Programs Troubled Teens Florida  Summer Programs Troubled Teens Florida Cedar Ridge Academy therapeutic boarding school academics math 640While your teen is staying at Cedar Ridge Academy then they will be able to both engage actively in therapy and be a part of a helpful therapeutic environment.  Both of these factors are very useful to teens looking to recover from issues like anger, and depression.  Therapy can also be very helpful for teens who have been struggling in school. Your teen will go through both individual and group therapy every week.  This will allow your teen to work through their issues in a constructive and helpful way.  This therapy program will be supported through the therapeutic environment we establish by removing negative peer pressure and providing constant supervision and support to the teens staying with us.  Negative peer pressure is the driving factor behind many teen problems and allowing your teen to spend the summer in a positive atmosphere can make a huge difference.  If you are from Florida and would like to learn more about the help your teen could get from our summer programs, please reach out to us today

Florida Troubled Teens Need Help From Summer Programs

Summer programs are a help option that can really make a difference for troubled teens. If you have a teen who has been struggling, getting professional help can make a huge difference.  Our program is perfectly designed to help troubled teens from Florida. If you or someone you know has a troubled teen from Florida who could use our help, please contact us today at 866-471-6629.

These Florida Cities Can Take Advantage Of Our Summer Programs:

Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Hialeah, Fort Lauderdale, Tallahassee, Cape Coral, Port St. Lucie, Miami Beach, Sunrise, Plantation, West Palm Beach, Palm Bay, Lakeland, Pompano Beach, Brandon, Davie, Kendall, Clearwater