Summer PRograms For Troubled Teens – DELAWARE

If you’re a parent from Delaware who is looking for a way to help your troubled teen, then please consider the help provided by summer programs.  Cedar Ridge Academy operates a 90 day program that is designed to help your teen make major life changes during their time with us.  We use a unique system the incorporates therapy, academics, and physical challenges like karate to help teens overcome their issues.  If you have a teen who has been behaving poorly or struggling in school, then this program is designed to help.  Parents from Delaware can contact us today at 866-471-6629 to get their teen the help they need.


Delaware Teen Summer Program  Summer Programs Troubled Teens Delaware 7637289680 a585511910While your teen is staying at Cedar Ridge Academy for our summer program, we will seek to help them overcome the issues that have been troubling them in three main way. First, we will seek to address your teen’s therapeutic needs through both individual and group therapy.  These therapy sessions will take place throughout your teens time at Cedar Ridge Academy and will be tailored to fit your teen’s individual needs. Second, we will use a supportive and challenging academic program to encourage your teen to become more engaged in the learning process.  We pride ourselves on having incredibly small classes and extensive interaction between our teachers and students. This can make a major difference for teens who have started struggling in school. Finally, we incorporate a karate program into your teens time with us.  This is designed to build physical fitness and a sense of self confidence that will serve your teen extremely well after returning home.  If you think your teen from Delaware could benefit from these programs, please dont’ hesitate to reach out to us.

CEdAr Ridge Academy Summer Programs Help Troubled Teens

Don’t wait another day before getting in touch with us if you have a teen that needs help.  Our summer program is the perfect way for your teen to spend their summer improving the quality of their life.  If you or someone you know is a parent from Delaware who needs help for their teen, you can contact us today at 866-471-6629.


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