Life Coaching for Troubled Teenage Boys & Girls

Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School co-ed Field trip  Life Coaching for Troubled Teenage Boys Girls Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School co ed Field tripMany parents of troubled teens have failed to find the help their son or daughter needs in order to make profound, lasting changes. Life coaching could be a viable solution for these adolescents and their families. Life coaches provide troubled teens with much needed structure in their life, allowing them to build a steady, reliable relationship with a positive influence. At Cedar Ridge Academy, our therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens offers many of the same benefits of life coaching, as well as an exceptional academic program to help your son or daughter get on track academically. Please give us a call at 866-471-6629 if you have any questions.

Traits Common Among Life Coaches:

> Deep-rooted desire to help people

> Great listening skills (verbal and non-verbal)

> Can calmly hold their teens accountable when they make mistakes

> Can see the positive in troubled teens

> Do not judge

> Maintain solid personal boundaries

> Empathic towards teenagers

Life coaching can benefit troubled teens in a number of ways. Many struggling adolescents today have had bad experiences with relationships, and life coaching gives them a chance to sustain a consistent, positive relationship with a positive influence. Teenagers also often struggle to stay accountable, and one of the main jobs of a life coach is to hold their students accountable when they slip up. Life coached also often provide the troubled teen with a positive role model, as many teenagers in our society idolize a number of negative influences. Life coaches often maintain life-long friendships with their adolescents, which is beneficial for both the teenage boy or girl and the life coach.

Cedar Ridge Academy: Effective alternative to traditional life-coaching

At Cedar Ridge Academy, we offer a therapeutic boarding school that has helped numerous troubled teens transform their lives for the better. Our peaceful, serene environment is critical towards our students approaching their problems with no outside influence. We also believe in the tremendous benefits that come from regular exercise, which is the basis behind our karate therapy program, and our optional black belt challenge. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 866-471-6629.