Help ADD/ADHD in Adolescents with Exercise

Help ADD/ADHD in Adolescents with Exercise  Help ADD/ADHD in Adolescents with Exercise IMG 2914 255B1 255DStudies have shown that there is a direct correlation between fitness and academics.  Exercise improves attention, working memory, and processing speed.  Adolescents with ADD or ADHD can greatly benefit from a consistent exercise regimen.  Better fitness equals better attention and, thus, better academic results.  Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorders are caused by a lapse in the prefrontal cortex, which relates to executive function of decision making.  Teenagers who struggle with ADD/ADHD will discover that exercise has a powerful impact on fundamental skills.

ADHD and ADD are some of the most common disorders found in the youth of today.  Teenagers who have ADHD or ADD often experience difficulties in school due to hyperactivity, inattentiveness and impulsivity.  Exercise provides multiple benefits for teenagers with attention problems by increasing dopamine, serotonin and norepinepherin levels in the brain which regulate focus and mood.  Managing symptoms with regular exercise helps with sequencing, working memory, prioritizing, inhibiting, and sustaining attention.

More schools are including exercise in their curriculum to help teenagers do better in the classroom.  At Cedar Ridge Academy, a therapeutic boarding school for boys and girls ages 12-17, Shotokan Karate Training is integrated into the treatment program as it increases blood flow to the brain, improves self-esteem and reduces anxiety and nervousness.  For those with ADD/ADHD the release of endorphins through this type of exercise promotes feelings of calmness, reducing hyperactivity.  Students of Cedar Ridge discover their physical talents and learn to see exercise as fun and rewarding.  Participating in Shotokan Karate bestows knowledge of discipline, persistence and patience.  Cedar Ridge Academy helps adolescents with ADD and ADHD from all over the country, and teenagers who suffer from depression, low self-esteem and anxiety will also find the help they need from the special programs at this premier therapeutic boarding school.

For more information on how Cedar Ridge Academy can help troubled teens, speak with our admissions specialist for a free consultation at (866)471-6629 today.  Karate has a direct and proven effect on students’ focus, productivity and nonverbal issues, and is a wonderful therapeutic tool in treatment strategies.  There is hope for adolescents with attention deficit disorders.