Girls’ Fastpitch Softball at Cedar Ridge Academy

For most of the eighteen years Cedar Ridge Academy has existed, softball has been a major source of enjoyment for both students and staff. Throughout our history, we have sponsored softball teams that regularly participated in tournaments spanning across the Girl's Fastpitch Softball  Girl's Fastpitch Softball at Cedar Ridge Academy softball image robwestern half of the United States with our team making it to the nationals twice.

Our Clinical Director, Rob Nielson, has been active in the sport of softball since he was a teenager and has been instructing quality pitching techniques for many of those. Along with Rob’s coaching skills, Executive Director, Wes Nielson, offers more than 20 years of fast pitch softball experience available for your daughter’s benefit.

Girls Will Receive Great Coaching at Cedar Ridge Academy

The campus is ideal for these young athletes’ to fine tune their skills by providing a well maintained, regulation sized softball field along with an indoor batting cage large enough for multiple practice drills.
Cedar Ridge Academy Fastpitch Softball for Students  Girl's Fastpitch Softball at Cedar Ridge Academy softball articleSurrounding the batting cage, we have quality exercise equipment to help strengthen key muscle groups needed to improve field performance year round. Aside from our capable facilities, we offer additional support in the success of these athletes by monitoring and teaching the students how to
include a healthy, well balanced diet at each meal.

With the sport of softball continuing to grow in popularity nationwide, our school offers a unique opportunity to apply our years of experience and resources into these athletes.