Troubled Teens from Sioux Falls, SD Finding Help Through Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Are you a parent of a troubled teen in the Sioux Falls, SD area looking for a therapeutic boarding school for your son or daughter? Have you wondered how to best help your child who you know is capable of doing more? Cedar Ridge Academy understands your concerns and is a highly recommended program for just such troubled teenagers.

Cedar Ridge Academy is a top residential treatment center, working to help teens who have lost their way. Our counselors and staff at Cedar Ridge recognize that your child, who may have been an exceptional student and citizen at one point, can suddenly find themselves feeling lost. These teens who experience such a dramatic change can quickly spiral downward and land at a place of confusion and trouble. It is best to help these young men and women get back on the path to success before they have gone too far. Cedar Ridge Academy provides not only excellent academics and outdoor experiences but helps to foster emotional growth in these struggling teens through therapy, sports, and community. 

The academic program at Cedar Ridge is top notch, with educational accreditation and credit recovery available to all of the students. We are an international prep school, ready to help teens both domestic and foreign prepare for future educational pursuits.

Teen girl in recovery at a therapeutic boarding schoolAlternative Schools for Troubled Teens From Sioux Falls, SD

At-risk youth are those who have found themselves straying from their convictions and the success that they’ve already had, but don’t seem to care about anymore. These troubled youth often can’t tell you what the exact cause is, while others have had a trauma catapult them into emotional regression. It's normal for teens to not understand their feelings and issues, because they have yet to develop the emotional intelligence to deal with their problems in a mature and effective way.

Our students come from many different backgrounds, and suffer from various difficulties such as:

  • Oppositional/Defiant Behavior
  • Acting Out (promiscuous or dangerous behaviors)
  • Trauma
  • Grief and loss
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Family conflict
  • Alcohol and drug experimentation

When looking for an alternative school for troubled teenagers, it is important to remember that therapy, combined with a top-notch education is a must to help these intelligent, at-risk youth. Troubled teenagers programs must be exceptional to move them forward into success, and Cedar Ridge Academy is prepared to do just that.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools Foster Emotional Growth for Troubled Teens

Students in a college prep schoolFor teens who are struggling with a trauma or other life circumstance that has thrown them off course, a therapeutic boarding school is an ideal way to help them find themselves again. The different and proven methods of therapy will help them learn the life skills they need to have a successful future, as well as helping them to be assertive and respectful. Such emotional growth is necessary to their continual learning and accomplishments throughout both the teen years and adulthood. 

Emotional growth in troubled teens is often what helps them make a complete turn around in their struggles. Cedar Ridge Academy works with some of the best therapists in the counseling field, and works with each student on an individualized basis. We are ready to help.

Educational Accreditation in Therapeutic Programs

When looking for a therapeutic boarding school near Sioux Falls, SD, it is important to make certain that they are fully accredited and prepared to help your child academically in the best way possible. College Prep schools are idea in preparing your child, at any stage, for their future in a university. Boarding schools for learning disabilities can be rare, but Cedar Ridge is fully equipped to help each teenager on their path to success.

The teachers at Cedar Ridge Academy are fully qualified, with an array of significant experience to assist each teenager that comes to our school. We make certain that each student gets the help they need and can work at their ideal pace in order to maximize their learning capabilities. 


Sioux Falls, SD Area Resources for Parents:

National Alliance on Mental Illness Sioux Falls (NAMI Sioux Falls) - We educate our members and families through classes and support groups designed to help individuals gain a greater understanding of mental illness, treatment options, and available services. We educate the public our newsletter, monthly programs, and presentations in the community in an effort to raise awareness and combat the stigma associated with mental illness.

A Private Therapeutic Boarding School for College Preparatory Students

We help families with a struggling teen from Sioux Falls, SD. At Cedar Ridge Academy , we involve the entire family, especially the parents, in your adopted teen's therapy and progress. We understand that the entire family needs the assistance that we can give, in order to be whole and successful.

Call us at (866) 471-6629 to speak with one of our knowledgeable family advocates. We are a Therapeutic Boarding School for College Preparatory Students.

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