Finding The Top Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

cedar-ridge-academy-boarding-school-girl-in-classIf you are a parent of a troubled youth and you are researching top therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens, Cedar Ridge Academy (CRA) may be the right choice for you and your loved one. Much like therapeutic boarding schools, CRA is a residential treatment center with an emphasis on academics and emotional growth, that assists teens who seem to have lost their way. The counselors and staff here at Cedar Ridge recognize that a son or daughter, who may have been an exceptional student and child at one point, can suddenly be lost in their adolescent years. Events such as divorce, a death in the family, a breakup, or a combination of all can be triggers that will put a teen at risk and into an emotional tailspin.

CRA knows that your troubled youth is talented, smart, and capable of doing much more. Cedar Ridge Academy appreciates your anxieties and is a therapeutic program that comes highly recommended for just such troubled young people. In fact, Cedar Ridge is a member in good standing with the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP). Teens who encounter sudden and dramatic change can swiftly spiral downward and find themselves in a place of uncertainty and strife. Helping these young adults find their path to success, before they have gone too far, is what we specialize in here at CRA. Not only do we provide excellent academics and sports activities, but our program helps to foster emotional growth through therapy and community service.

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Educational Accreditation School For Troubled Teenagers

cedar-ridge-academy-boarding-school-teen-boy-studyingCedar Ridge Academy's academic program is top notch. We offer educational accreditation and credit recovery to all students that are enrolled in our program. Also, CRA is an international prep school, ready to help teens both foreign and domestic plan for future educational pursuances. When you are in the process of determining an alternative school for your troubled teenager, it is essential to recognize that therapy, combined with top-notch preparation is a must to help these bright, at-risk youth. Boarding Schools for troubled teenagers must be outstanding and therapeutic in order to move your loved one onward to success, and Cedar Ridge Academy has the staff and experience to do just that.

For teens who have been thrown off course or are struggling with trauma and other life circumstances, a therapeutic boarding school or an RTC is an excellent way to help them find their course. Cedar Ridge incorporates methods of therapy that help troubled youth learn life skills, emotional intelligence, and provides them with the tools they need to experience success. We know that emotional growth is necessary to perpetual learning and achievement throughout both their adolescent years and through adulthood.

Emotional Growth For Troubled Teens

cedar-ridge-academy-boarding-school-classroomEmotional maturity in troubled teens is oftentimes what helps them come full circle and recognize that it is because of their struggles that they experienced profound growth. Cedar Ridge Academy works with some of the best therapists in the behavioral health industry. It is here that each student, on an individualized basis, will get some of the best counseling and guidance. As a parent looking for a therapeutic boarding school, it is important to make certain that you find a program that is fully accredited and equipped to assist your son or daughter academically in the best way possible. College Prep schools are ideal when it comes to preparing your teen, at any stage, for their future in a college environment.

Boarding schools for children with learning disabilities are difficult to find, but Cedar Ridge Academy is fully equipped to accommodate each adolescent in their individual path to success. The teachers at CRA are fully qualified with an array of extensive experience to serve the needs of each student that comes our way. We make certain that each student receives the help they need and that they are able to work at their own pace in order to maximize their learning capabilities.

Please feel free to contact Cedar Ridge Academy's admissions department for more information regarding enrollment, tuition, and academics at 866-471-6629.

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