Summer Programs for Troubled Teens from Hamilton, Canada

Good news for parents from Hamilton, Canada who are considering sending their child to a summer treatment program for troubled teens!

We are proud to say that Cedar Ridge Academy now offers a condensed and intensive 90-treatment version of our 9-12 month therapeutic program. Although our three-month treatment program is much shorter than our top-tier residential treatment program, it does, in fact, offer the same services that have made our therapeutic boarding school so effective.

Is Cedar Ridge Academy the Right 90-day program for your child?

If you are a parent of an out of control teenage child who only seeks to find the services of a program with experienced, professional, and psychiatrically-certified staff with a track record that boasts top-percentile, proven results, then our program at Cedar Ridge Academy may be just the program you had in mind.

Upon completing our 90-day, intensive treatment program, teens return home with the skills they need to avoid ever succumbing to issues like drug abuse, alcohol abuse, depression, anger, poor grades, or rebellious behavior again.  If you have a teen from Hamilton, Canada who is struggling with some of these issues, you can reach us today at 866-471-6629.

The Most Effective Treatment For Troubled Teens From Hamilton, Canada

When your teen comes to stay at Cedar Ridge Academy, several aspects of our program will play a key part in helping them recover from the problems they have been dealing with.  

First, we seek to provide both individualized therapeutic and peer support to the troubled teens we treat.

More specifically, teens from Hamilton, Canada will go through individual and group therapy sessions with highly trained staff members who are dedicated to assisting troubled adolescents in their recovery. Furthermore, our therapeutic process is reinforced through the positive peer interaction teens have while going through treatment.   

What Separates Cedar Ridge Academy from Other Summer Programs for Troubled Teens?

Another important part of our program is our karate instruction. Here By teaching karate to troubled teens, we are able to build important life skills and have them open up more to the treatment process.  Both of these factors can be very helpful to troubled teens.

Why Karate?

As to why we, at Cedar Ridge Academy, include karate into our therapeutic curriculum, there are several practical reasons. First, scientific studies have shown that traditional karate is effective in reducing aggressive behaviors. This makes karate a perfect application in the treatment of troubled teens who are prone to violent or aggressive outbursts - an issue that often-frustrated, out of control teens tend to struggle with.

In addition to being great for blowing off steam, karate is also known to help with cognitive enhancement, specifically, in helping teens develop focus, increase their productivity, and even assist those with nonverbal learning disabilities. Moreover, this specific area of development makes karate a very significant tool in treating teens with ADD/ADHD or even Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors.

Dr. John J. Ratey has conducted extensive research proving how exercise contributes to brain development, and in particular, how ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder symptoms are relieved by highly structured exercise – such as the Shotokan Karate taught at Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School.

“Paradoxically, one of the best treatment strategies for ADHD involves establishing an extremely rigid structure. Over the years, I’ve heard countless parents offer the same observation about their ADHD children: Johnny is so much better when he’s doing taekwondo...

...He wasn’t doing his homework, and he was angry, difficult, and problematic; now his best qualities have come out.” (Spark: the revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain – John J. Ratey – Eric Hagerman – Little, Brown – 2008 – pg 147)

Cedar Ridge Academy’s Summer program for troubled teenage boys and girls from Hamilton, Canada

At Cedar Ridge Academy, we offer a unique variety of therapy combinations that has helped a number of struggling adolescents from Hamilton, Canada  get their lives back on track.

In addition to being a top-tier therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens, Cedar Ridge Academy now proudly offers a summer program to help our students get their lives back on track in time for the next school year.

Similar to our traditional, 9-12 month therapeutic treatment, our 90-day treatment course offers one hour of individual counseling per week, as well as approximately 6 hours of group counseling per week.

For immediate assistance, please call us today at 866-471-6629.

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