Summer Programs for Troubled Teens 

Summer program camps for troubled teens are specially modified and therapeutically-restorative camp-based programs that treat the underlying issues of troubled teens whose behaviors have become out-of-control and dangerously unmanageable.

Like traditional residential treatment centers, summer program camps are designed to restore the behavior, mental state, and all around physical wellness of troubled teens who require intensive therapy to regain their once-promising potential.

However, unlike therapeutic boarding schools or other traditional, residential treatment facilities - which require teens to stay up to 12 months - summer program camps require that teens stay up to a duration of no more than 90-days. 

Cedar Ridge Academy - Summer Programs for Troubled Teens

Within the boundaries of a supportive and therapeutically professional setting, Cedar Ridge Academy offers summer programs for troubled teenage boys and girls who are in need of intensive behavioral, emotional, and mental health rehabilitation.

At Cedar Ridge, our therapeutic and specially certified residential staff have decades' worth of combined experience in assisting wayward teens who require behavioral-rehabilitation.

Like that of our residential treatment program, we offer our extensive expertise to out-of-control adolescents, albeit, in a condensed,  but no-less therapeutically focused, 90-day treatment program.

Parents in need of immediate assistance can rest assured: our 90-day program, in spite of its brevity, is still more than able to incorporate all the uniquely dynamic therapeutic aspects that have made our 9-12 month residential facility one of the most sought after residential treatment options for troubled teenage boys and girls.

If you are an overwhelmed parent in need of immediate assistance,  or simply interested in learning more about summer programs for troubled teens, please don't hesitate to call us at 866-471-6629.


At Cedar Ridge Academy’s summer bridge program, we provide troubled teens with specialized treatment that consists of three fundamental parts:

First and foremost, as a program that specializes in treating high-school aged teens, we pride ourselves in providing a top-tier academic curriculum. Our academic team is made up of certified teachers who, in addition to being excellent educators, are also equally proficient in providing college counseling and grade restoration for students in need of repairing their GPA.

And, thanks to our strict six-to-one student-to-teacher ratio policy (and Unlike traditional schools public or private schools) our teachers are able to interact with students on a more interactively intimate, one-on-one basis.

What's more, here at Cedar Ridge Academy, we offer more than just 'your average grade-school curriculum.' In addition to providing teens with a fully accredited academic program, we also work with teens with extensive college and career counseling.

After all, what good is a high school education without planning for what comes after a young man or woman's graduation day? 

Suffice it to say, after spending just one summer with our reputable educational staff, teens leave our program exceedingly prepared for their upcoming school year. In fact, it is not uncommon for our summer campers to be far ahead of most of their schoolmates upon returning to their regular high school.

The second key component of our program has to do with our therapeutic treatment, which, of course, is run by fully-licensed, therapeutic professionals. While participating in our 90-day treatment program, teens regularly attend both individual and group therapy sessions.

During these sessions, our campers are provided with intensive and dynamic therapy with the support of our fully licensed, psychiatric staff.   

Moreover, our therapeutic treatment plan is individually designed for every student - Largely depending on the specificities and severity of their underlying, mental health-related issues.

Our therapists tailor each student’s sessions to specifically address problems that are unique to each teen. These issues may include problems related to substance abuse, grief, loss, social skills, anger management, as well as other common areas in which troubled teens tend to struggle.

In addition to these formal therapy sessions, at Cedar Ridge Academy, we seek to provide an overall therapeutic environment that emphasizes positive peer interactions that serve to encourage our campers to engage in appropriate behaviors and thoughtful decision-making.

Our therapeutic staff is expert in promoting a stable and nurturing environment with 24-hour supervision, as well as providing professional emotional regulation and self-awareness training - Speaking on behalf of our reputable rate of success, these therapeutic services are profoundly effective when combined with individual and group therapy sessions.

Unique and Cutting-Edge Psychiatric Treatment Through Martial Arts

One fundamental aspect that is entirely unique to Cedar Ridge Academy is that we provide martial arts training, specifically, the millennia-year old discipline of Shotokan Karate.

Why karate?

Unbeknownst to most parents and other therapeutic treatment programs, there are many practical reasons as to why the physical discipline of martial arts can be profound in restoring the lives of troubled teens.

FACT: The physical and mental health-related restoration gained through martial arts is so impactful, that for many teens, learning karate, alone, is enough to significantly change their lives. With six-hours of Shotokan Karate instruction each week, teens at Cedar Ridge Academy improve their physical fitness, overall discipline, and self-confidence.

Why is Cedar Ridge Academy The Right Summer Program for Your Struggling Teen?

In addition to academic restoration, professional therapy sessions, karate, and the supportive positive-peer-cultured environment, Cedar Ridge incorporates a wide array of other activities into our summer program. For example, while staying with us, your teen will be able to participate in community service projects and leadership training sessions.  

Through such selfless activities, teens are able to gain a sense of responsibility, as well as gain invaluable virtues such as self-discipline and selflessness.

The Third Key to Cedar Ridge Academy's Success: Parental Involvement  

The third and final fundamental factor which enables our treatment program to successfully operate is parental involvement.

Fully aware that parents are as fundamental in the restoration of their child as an individualized therapeutic treatment program, Cedar Ridge routinely conducts parenting workshops that are designed to help moms and dads better understand what their teen is going through.

By further understanding their child, parents are able to use empathetic parenting skills that prove effective when attempting to assist their child in overcoming underlying, mental health-related issues.

And, finally, following your teen’s completion of our summer bridge program, we will provide an academic and therapeutic summary of your teen’s time with us, including recommendations for how to continue therapeutic and behavioral growth.  

Through many years of evidence, we at Cedar Ridge Academy find that providing ‘follow-up’ care is incredibly important to the overall process - mainly, due to the fact that it encourages parents to actively stay involved in their teen’s recovery.

In conclusion, If you are interested in the help this summer program could provide your teen or if you want more information, please contact us today at 866-471-6629.

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