Troubled Girls from Erie, PA Who Were Abused Sexually, Often Need a Treatment Program to Overcome This Awful Tragedy

Has your daughter unfortunately been a survivor of sexual abuse and seeking treatment? Does she act out in angry rants, experimenting with illegal substances and alcohol, skip school or simply seem to have given up on her educational career? As a parent, do not feel alone any longer! Here, at Cedar Ridge Academy, we offer a variety of theraputic programs that can help your teenage daughter overcome and achieve her fullest potential. We understand that it's not always the easiest thing to ask for help and we hope to be that safe environment your troubled teen needs to thrive as an adult.

If your daughter has been sexually abused, she is struggling with some serious issues whether she is showing it or not. She will deal with these issues for the rest of her life, but Cedar Ridge Academy can help teach her how to deal with them in the appropriate manner. 

Your daughter has been through a great deal. Please do not wait for your daughter's problems to worsen before you seek help. Call toll-free at 866-471-6629 to speak with one of our caring Family Advocates to get headed in the right direction towards the help you and your daughter needs.

Why Your Troubled Teen from Erie, PA Can Benefit From Cedar Ridge Academy

We have been the number one pick for hundreds of parents across the country who were looking for a group home or a transitional living program for their troubled daughter, with our specialized, professional staff we have helped girls overcome anger, get back on educational track, become spiritually aware, and obtain a plethora of life skills that have been the crucial foundation to their newly found, independent adult life. We offer an empowering atmosphere for your daughter to thrive and a theraputic program to blossom as she truly discovers herself and all of her potential. 

Here at Cedar Ridge Academy, we can provide the positive atmosphere for your daughter to become aware of her self worth, independence and discipline. She can obtain a variety of life skills and get back on track to educational success through our theraputic and enlightening programs. Let us be the answer to your question, the solution to your problem. Call us today at 866-471-6629 and let Cedar Ridge Academy be the helping hand for your daughter while she overcomes and seeks treatment for sexual abuse.

If you have a situation where your abusive teen can’t be controlled, call the police. As a responsible parent, your child needs to understand that you will enlist outside authorities to assist you in taking care of the situation. This sends a strong message to the out-of-control child that you mean business.

Causes for self injury range from the seemingly minute, to the very serious. Teens often turn to harming themselves when more healthy coping mechanisms fail to work for them, or if they never learned healthy coping mechanisms. Some might do it because of hyperstress or disassociated feelings, to deal with painful memories, or to deal with the symptoms of a mental health disorder.