Sexual Abuse Treatment for Troubled Girls

There are many, many young girls who go through a tramatic event such as sexual abuse, but there aren't as many that find the right help to overcome the darkness that looms over them after. Here are Cedar Ridge Academy, we understand that it's a sensitive time in your struggling teen's life and we can address the unhealthy mannerisms she may be engaged with. Often times, after surviving being abused, teenage girls will have anger issues, lack of confidence, or shut down completely to cope with what's happened. With our programs, we can help your daughter gain emotional independence and strive for a healthy, happy life. Please call Cedar Ridge Academy at 866-471-6629 let us help your daughter overcome abuse and become the grown woman she has all the potential of being.

Our Treatment Programs And Staff Can Benefit Teen Girls

We provide a safe environment with peers who have been through the same trials and tribulations and also seek a sense of community as they take this trek onto self discovery and independence. Our empathetic, dedicated staff will do anything in their power to connect with your daughter on an intimate level and encourage strength from within to follow through with our theraputic programs, obtaining essential knowledge to jump start her life and get her back on track, leaving her well equipped to face the future ahead.

At Cedar Ridge Academy, we feel that personal success stems from nuturing the mind, body and spirit. We offer karate, drama, creative writing and boxing (to name a few) that will help your daughter open doors to self awareness and provide that channel for over emotion. Life skills to blossom into daily strength as she becomes an adult woman.

Not only to we offer support for your troubled teen emotionally and spiritually, we hope to be the answer to her educational struggles. It's come to our attention that boarding school attendees often times have a better chance of getting into a prestigious college or university. Our professional educators can get on her level to empower her to be self disciplined, self motivated and confident in herself as she either finishes high school or applies to a college of her choosing.

Help With Your Troubled Daughter Is One Phone Call Away

Here at Cedar Ridge Academy, we can provide the positive atmosphere for your daughter to become aware of her self worth, independence and discipline. She can obtain a variety of life skills and get back on track to educational success through our theraputic and enlightening programs. Let us be the answer to your question, the solution to your problem. Call us today at 866-471-6629 and let Cedar Ridge Academy be the helping hand for your daughter while she overcomes and seeks treatment for sexual abuse.

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