Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Teens from Manhattan, NY

Kids Hanging Out Cedar RidgeParents of troubled teens from Manhattan, NY, are lost in the search for an answer to their son or daughter's destructive behaviors. A possible solution for these struggling teenagers could be a residential treatment center. These group home programs focus on seeking out the root cause of the student's actions, and helping the student work through these problems through therapy and rehabilitation. At Cedar Ridge Academy, we provide the level of therapeutic assistance that troubled teenage boys and girls need to overcome the issues holding them back in life, as well as an excellent academic program to help our students become successful in the classroom. 

When considering residential drug treatment centers, it vital to make sure that the program provides not only substance abuse rehabilitation, but high-quality academics and individualized therapy. Your teen can recover from their temporary setback with the help of the teachers, therapists and staff at Cedar Ridge Academy. We understand the frustration and pain your family has suffered and the concern you have for your teen. We can and will help. Please call us at 866-471-6629 to see how we can help your family.

How Can Your Troubled Boy Or Girl From the Manhattan, NY Area Benefit From A Residential Treatment Center?

Residential treatment centers provide opportunities for struggling adolescent boys and girls to get their lives moving forward in the right direction again. There are many reasons that a teen may need a recovery center: There could have been a lapse in judgment that sent them down the wrong path, a trauma that shook them so badly that they could no longer see their way. Regardless of the reasons, group homes in Manhattan, NY like Cedar Ridge Academy are an ideal setting to get them the help they need. By offering a variety of therapeutic strategies, these treatment programs are able to reach troubled youth from all walks of life. Through individual and group counseling sessions, teens are able to overcome whatever issues are holding them back.


Cedar Ridge Academy Provides Therapy for Teenage Boys and Girls Who Live in Manhattan, NY

Kids in School Cedar RidgeTeens who arrive at Cedar Ridge Academy from Manhattan, NY will receive immediate and individualized therapeutic help. We provide both individual and group therapy in order to help the student heal within and learn to help others along the way.

In the individual sessions, students will feel more comfortable opening up about more personal issues with professional, certified therapists. The group sessions help newer students break out of their shell as they see other students sharing about their problems. This helps them to open up about their own issues, and work as a team with their peers to conquer common struggles. Cedar Ridge also provides substance abuse therapy for teens who have begun to test the boundaries in those directions. To start your child back on the road to success, healing, and rehabilitation, call our family advocates immediately.

Cedar Ridge Provides Rehab for Troubled Teens

Happy Students Cedar RidgeAt Cedar Ridge Academy, we are committing to doing everything in our power to help every troubled teenager from Manhattan, NY that comes to our program make profound, positive, lasting changes in their lives. By requiring our students to remain physically active through a number of our therapy programs, such as our karate therapy, they experience a boost in self-esteem and confidence. We believe this helps exponentially with recovering from drug abuse. Our drug abuse treatment program requires each one of the struggling teens to work on their health at both an emotional and physical level. 

We understand that substance abuse is a serious issue, and one that must be stopped as quickly as possible to minimize the long-term effects of addiction. Contact our program to discuss how we can help your teen recover and receive the proper therapy and education to move forward.

Children, at times, give their parents a tough time. And teens, especially, have a tendency of breaking rules. Such a case of violating discipline is the act of truancy. Truancy has emerged as one of the main problems faced by parents these days. If you’re adolescent is skipping out on classes and missing unexcused days at school, he or she may be in trouble.

While you may not want your teenager drinking alcohol at all, you need to be prepared to accept that if you find that your child has been drinking, he might have an alcohol problem. You should never over-react to any of your kid’s behaviors, but you shouldn’t ignore the signs of alcoholism in your teen either.