Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Teens

cedar-ridge-academy-residential-treatment-center-girlHere at Cedar Ridge Academy (CRA), we know that parents of troubled teens can get lost in the hunt for resolutions regarding their child's destructive behaviors. This is why CRA suggests a solution for your struggling teenagers, and that is a residential treatment center. A group home for teenagers, like CRA, will focus on seeking out the cause of a student's actions and behavior. While simultaneously encouraging the student to work through their issues through therapy and rehabilitation, if needed.

At Cedar Ridge Academy, our competent staff affords a level of therapeutic assistance that troubled teenage boys and girls need in order to overcome the issues that are holding them back in life. While at the same time, our students profit from our excellent academic program, which helps the student to become more successful in the classroom.

While you may be contemplating residential drug treatment centers, it is vital to make sure that the curriculum provides not only substance abuse therapy for teens, but therapy for troubled teens, and quality academics. Your loved one can recover from their momentary setback with the guidance of good teachers, therapists and experienced staff here at Cedar Ridge Academy. We understand the frustration and grief your family is suffering, and the concern you have for your child. CRA can help your family get back on track.

Please call us at 866-471-6629 to see how we can help you today.

How Your Troubled Youth Can Benefit From Group Homes For Teenagers

cedar-ridge-academy-residential-treatment-center-teen-boyGroup homes for teenagers provide possibilities for struggling teen boys and girls to get their lives going forward in the right direction. There are various reasons why a struggling adolescent may require a recovery center like Cedar Ridge. It's normal for a teen to be emotionally unable to process a death or a divorce in the family. There could have been an error in judgment that sent your child down the wrong path. Sometimes a trauma can shake them so severely that they can no longer see their way. Although CRA is more of a treatment center than a group home, Cedar Ridge Academy is an excellent setting for your loved one to get the guidance that they need. Our treatment program offers a variety of therapeutic approaches, and this is how we are able to reach troubled youth from all walks of life.

Cedar Ridge Academy Provides Therapy for Troubled Teens

Cedar Ridge Academy will provide individualized therapeutic help for all teens immediately upon arrival. CRA provides both individual and group therapy for their students that not only encourages the child heal from within, but also teaches them to help others along the way. In the individual sessions, students tend to feel like they are in a safe environment, which allows them to open up about more personal issues with our licensed, certified therapists. In group therapy, our therapists encourage newer students to break out of their shell as they see other classmates participating with the group and discussing their issues and difficulties. This treatment will help your child to open up about their issues, and work as a team, with their peers, to overcome shared struggles and experience the healing process. Cedar Ridge also administers substance abuse therapy for teens who have begun to test the boundaries of substance abuse.

Cedar Ridge Provides Rehab for Troubled Teens

cedar-ridge-academy-residential-treatment-center-girl-happyAt Cedar Ridge Academy, we are committed to your loved one, which means that we do everything in our power to support and encourage every troubled youth that comes to our program. Helping a child in need to make profound, positive, lasting changes with their behavior is why we wake up in the morning. Also, we expect our students to remain physically active through a variety of our therapy programs. Here at CRA, the students learn karate therapy, and we know that through this mode of martial arts, our students undergo a boost in self-esteem and self-confidence. We believe that this helps exponentially with the recovery process. We recognize that substance abuse is a severe issue, and a problem that must be terminated as quickly as possible in order to minimize the long-term consequences of addiction.

Please feel free to contact Cedar Ridge Academy's admissions department for more information regarding enrollment, tuition, and academics at 866-471-6629.

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