All Girls Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens 

When parents are in search of a therapeutic resource for their child, one of the best options to consider is a college preparatory, therapeutic boarding school like Cedar Ridge Academy. When your daughter comes to stay with us, our expert staff will be sure to provide her with the support and guidance she needs to improve behaviorally and academically. After just a short amount of time, your child will return home having overcome any issues she was struggling with and having learned the skills she needs to be a more successful person. If you are interested in bringing about this type of transformation in your child, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible at 866-471-6629. We look forward to hearing from you and making a lasting difference for your family.

The Cedar Ridge Academy Advantage for Troubled Girls

Academic - One of the most important advantages we offer is our high quality academics. We take advantage of small class sizes and passionate teachers to ensure that during your daughter’s time with us she will make tremendous strides forwards in terms of reaching her academic potential. In turn, the confidence this newfound success will build can transform many aspects of her life.

Theraputic - Another important advantage that Cedar Ridge Academy offers to those seeking a boarding school is our extensive and personalized approach to therapy. We will ensure that during your child’s stay, they are able to go through both individual and group therapy sessions. These styles of therapy work in tandem to ensure that your daughter will improve personally while also connecting with other youths and getting the outside support she needs.

Unique Activities - One of our most popular and favorite activitie that we offer is our karate instruction. With this healthly program, we can teach your daughter how to channel any negative or aggressive thoughts and behavior towards self-discipline and motivation. Along with the benefit of learning self defense, it'll be a productive way to pass the time and learn about herself. 

Residential Treatment Centers Can Help Save Your Child

Please don’t choose a boarding school for your girl that doesn’t provide these important ways of bringing about a lasting change. Here, at Cedar Ridge Academy Boarding School for Troubled Girls, we strive to be the solution to your daughter's struggles. We want to help get her back on track academically, repair healthy relationships and build a path to let her become all that is her potential. Call us with any and all questions and let us help you today, 866-471-6629.

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