Frequently Asked Questions | Cedar Ridge RTC

Cedar Ridge can help students achieve academic goals in a supportive therapeutic environment which promotes the growth of these individuals into successful young adults. Our Admissions Counselor is here to help you learn Cedar Ridge Residential Treatment Center is the best fit for your family.

General FAQ’s

Different Residential Treatment Centers say they can help my child. How do I choose one?
Many centers are effective in helping the students they work with. The best indicator of success is a good fit between the center and the family. We recommend visiting the campus of Cedar Ridge and visiting with the staff and students. It’s the best way to experience our atmosphere of emotional safety, our serene and beautiful surroundings, and our therapeutic work.

What if I can’t visit?
If you are unable to physically visit the campus, our admissions counselor is available by phone, email, or live chat to answer your questions. We also have parents excited to offer a reference for Cedar Ridge, and our admissions counselor can help you connect with these parents.

How often can I visit my child once they are enrolled?
The student’s progress and the therapeutic goals of the family determine visits. Our campus is year-round and available for family visits at any time as determined by the family and therapist.

What is the length of enrollment in Cedar Ridge Residential Treatment Center?
We expect families to support their sons and daughters through graduation. In some cases a transition may take place prior to graduation. Academically students move at their own pace but are required to do a minimum amount of work which keeps them on pace to graduate with their class (seniors). Therapeutically our goal is to move students through mastery of the therapeutic goals (life skills) in approximately nine months.

How quickly can I enroll my son or daughter?

Our residential treatment center is year round open enrollment. Our admissions counselor is available to work with you at whatever pace is appropriate. We are able to enroll students within a day of application, any day of the week, any time of the year.

Academic FAQ’s

How is Cedar Ridge RTC accredited?
We are accredited by the Utah State Office of Licensing and the Northwest Accreditation Commission.

What type of learning model does your school utilize?
Our school utilizes a blended learning model (click here).

How can my student benefit from your blended learning model?
Cedar Ridge focuses moving students toward graduation by assisting with credit recovery and developing competency. All teachers require an average of 80% to complete a course, and work with students to achieve this goal. Our blended learning model allows students to work at their own pace. We understand that students learn differently, just like we all have unique qualities. Some students do not fit into the traditional public school model easily, whether they are a behavior distraction, need more time to complete and process work, or need to increase their learning. By allowing students to work at their own pace, we give them more control over how long they spend on the material.

The online curriculum is just the mode in which students first engage with the material along with completing and submitting their assignments. We thereby form a picture of what the student is learning. In addition, a computer can’t figure out if a student still needs help with something, and that is where teachers differentiate instruction to tailor personalized tutoring to each individual student.