Tuition Information

Tuition Package Covers Most Student Needs at Cedar Ridge Academy

Tuition at Cedar Ridge is a comprehensive package that covers the majority of student’s needs during their stay at our Residential Treatment Center. There is a one-time charge for the enrollment. This fee plus the rest of the authorized tuition rate are due at the time of enrollment. Currently, Cedar Ridge is enrolling both Private pay and Insurance pay students.

Comprehensive Tuition Includes:

  • Room and board with round-the-clock supervision
  • 20+ hours of individual/family/group therapy including therapy for specific topics as needed and appropriate (i.e. substance abuse, grief & loss issues, relationship skills development, etc.)
  • Additional sessions available for an additional cost
  • High school or junior high courses and school materials
  • ACT Test preparation classes, credit repair and tutoring
  • College guidance counseling
  • Leadership development
  • Independent living skills training and activities
  • Job skills development utilizing crafts, gardening, animal care, grounds maintenance and food preparation, serving and cleanup
  • Community service projects
  • Activities on campus and in the local area (i.e.dinner and a movie.)
  • Basic hygiene items and haircuts

Additional Charges That May Occur:

  • Initial student uniform package and additional clothing as needed due to student growth
  • Prescriptions and over-the-counter medications requested by a doctor or parent(s)
  • Special hygiene products (i.e. contact lens solution, acne medication)
  • Cost of packages shipped home
  • Transportation fee to medical, dental, and other appointments off-campus
  • Transportation fee to the airport for home visits
  • Out-of-area and off-campus field trips (i.e. trips to Karate tournaments, Shakespeare Festival trip, Yellowstone Park trip, softball tournaments)
  • Participation in league sports (i.e. volleyball, basketball, flag-football, soccer, softball)
  • Special school supplies that become the student’s personal property
  • Privileged clothing items (i.e. special Karate gi, warm-up suit)
  • Tuition for college correspondence courses if the student finishes high school before finishing the program and parents want them to begin college

Payment and Insurance Information

Committed to Providing the Best

Cedar Ridge Academy is committed to providing the best possible mental health care for the adolescents whom we serve. We provide individual treatment planning for youth who may be facing the challenges associated with grief and loss, trauma, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, attention disorders, and substance abuse.

Cedar Ridge has been successful in negotiating with private insurance companies such as Aetna, United Behavioral Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, and CIGNA, as well as a number of self-funded insurance policies.

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We Work Directly with a Finance Company

In addition to the possibility of insurance coverage, we also work directly with a finance company, Prosper Healthcare Lending. Our admissions director can discuss your individual circumstances with you and help you investigate the opportunities provided by insurance and financing companies. Treatment at Cedar Ridge Academy is based on a daily rate for services which include clinical, and behavior/milieu therapeutic services in a 24/7 staff-secure environment.

Services that are not included at Cedar Ridge Academy are non-psychiatric medical services such as dentistry, dermatology, gynecology, urgent care, hospitalization, urine/blood/lab work, medications, etc. Call our admissions office at (866) 471-6629 to discuss insurance and financing possibilities.

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You Can Apply Directly with Prosper Healthcare Lending HERE Cedar Ridge Provider Number is: 002224

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