Therapeutic Programs for Troubled Teens

Therapeutic Help For TeensCedar Ridge Academy's Therapeutic Programs can provide significant advantages to many teenage boys and girls who are struggling academically and at home. Programs that provide positive role models and one-on-one therapy enable adolescents and teens to make good choices without the disadvantage of having their efforts undermined by your child's friends and sometimes even family members. Once these adolescents and teens have strengthened their resolve towards mental health and healing they can overcome the peer pressure found in their local environment.

We want to help in that healing, call Cedar Ridge Academy at 866-471-6624.

Confused and Frustrated with Trying to Find a Therapeutic Program for Teens

Finding therapeutic programs for troubled teens can be a harrowing experience. You are as a parent often frustrated, defeated and left with a broken heart. You feel that you cannot take any more of the stress and trials of raising a teen that needs therapeutic help. You have sought help from the medical community but all that did was a waste time and often money that you didn't wish to spend. The answer could very be with a therapeutic program and Cedar Ridge Academy (CRA) can help.

Here at Cedar Ridge Academy, we can provide the drug-free and safe academic environment your teenager needs to get back on the right track and progress towards a top-notch college or university. We strive to take therapeutic passages and education hand in hand, which we've found to benefit struggling teens.

Providing a staff of positive role modes, we empathize independence and self-management. We want to coach your teenager and help them become the best version of themselves that they can be. We want to see them succeed.

Let us help you find an answer with Cedar Ridge Academy

Call one of Cedar Ridge Academy's admissions specialists and they will listen, take the time to understand and direct you to the best program for your teen (and sometimes that means directing you away from CRA because it may be the best fit for your teenage son or daughter). Call us today at 866-471-6629.