Client Life

Cedar Ridge Academy cultivates relationships and personal growth in all aspects of our milieu. We live, work, and play with a design toward helping our students become confident and capable young adults. We do this through the family-style environment, hard work, and fun play. We have a great balance that is driven by the student’s desire to fulfill their purpose and use their unique gifts.

Our Mission Statement: Through modeling and teaching, Cedar Ridge staff guide youth in a process of positive behavioral change as they acquire the skills and self-knowledge to form healthy relationships with others and utilize their individual inner strengths to become mature, well-balanced persons. They live and practice these skills daily in a variety of social situations, whether it is in school, sports, clubs, field trips, individual/group therapy, or in their home interacting with peers and trained staff.

Work: Students are Entrusted with a Wide Variety of Responsibilities

Residents of Cedar Ridge live on a serene campus nestled at the base of the Uinta Mountains in rural, northeastern Utah. This peaceful setting not only calms the spirit but helps to prepare the body and mind for the internal changes happening when immersed in this unique environment. Our students are entrusted with a wide variety of responsibilities which in turn develops a strong work ethic to be used throughout their lifetime.

Some of the activities and chores assigned to promote responsibility and self-discipline are as follows:

  • Therapeutic Experiential Activities
  • Keeping the Grounds
  • Campus Beautification & Landscaping Projects
  • Vegetable & Flower Gardening
  • Assisting in Meal Preparation & Cleanup
  • Snow Removal
  • Housekeeping in the Residences & Campus Facilities
  • Act as Project Leaders
  • Care of the Animals on Campus
  • Crafting Seasonal Decorations & Decorating Campus and Homes for the Holidays

Play: Essential for Reaching Important Developmental Milestones

A study from the American Academy of Pediatrics reports that play is not only healthy for our children but is essential for reaching those important social, emotional and cognitive developmental milestones. Play is not only for entertainment, but serves an important role in managing stress and building resiliency.

Cedar Ridge Academy has long endorsed the benefits of including alternative avenues, such as exercise and sports, to bolster academic performance and personal growth.

Aside from the regular sports and clubs discussed on our website, we also offer these extracurricular activities:

  • Science Envirothon
  • Movie Nights
  • Fishing/Camping Trips
  • Field Trips to Museums and Local Attractions
  • Trips Abroad
  • Talent Shows
  • Multicultural Dance Instruction
  • Local Cultural Events
  • Community Service
  • Hiking in Surrounding Mountains
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Shakespeare class with trip to the Shakespeare Festival