Special Education - Academic Services

Since 1996, Cedar Ridge Academy has helped many students with learning disabilities to successfully navigate high school completion and college entrance. Many of these students qualified for funding from their local school district, making enrollment possible.

Cedar Ridge Academy can provide these comprehensive academic services to students who have mild/moderate learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, emotional disturbances (especially school anxiety), processing disorders, behavioral disorders, or executive function disorders.

Helping Students Overcome Challenges

Students enter Cedar Ridge Academy often with a recent history of academic issues, school failure, academic deficit, declining grades, an attitude of helplessness, and anxiety about learning. These students have difficulty thriving in a traditional school. Most arrive without an understanding of their complex learning needs; many have not yet seen beyond their struggles to identify their strengths. Cedar Ridge Academy's academic program, therefore, does not mirror the typical school environment; rather it strives to create a scholastic milieu in which all our students can learn, despite their disabilities and school history.

Through modeling and teaching, we guide youth in a process of positive behavioral change as they acquire the skills and self-knowledge they need to form healthy relationships with others and utilize their individual inner strengths to become mature, well-balanced, productive persons.

Each student is a unique individual with unique needs deserving a safe, yet challenging environment to embrace their personal growth. Thus, the academic program is committed to small class sizes taught by instructors whose training is rich in behavior management and the therapeutic process.

Academic Process

Cedar Ridge Academy will provide qualified students with an academic plan that meets most, if not all, states’ graduation requirements. Our guidance counselor also provides career counseling, ACT test preparation (including provisions for an extended time), college counseling, identification of appropriate colleges, and assistance with applications. Regular classroom teachers provide one-on-one tutoring and classroom accommodations according to the individual student's plan.

Our school day is scheduled to address ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) by having physical education first thing in the morning, helping students to be more focused and settled while they are in the school. Deadlines and consistent expectations also greatly enhance a student’s ability to focus on their academic goals.

The genuine academic issues, such as verbal and auditory difficulty and slow processing, are addressed in our structure as a whole. We have a heavy emphasis on individual attention, and small group work giving us the ability to adjust curriculum for effective scaffolding and providing us with the tools, time and resources to empower the students, by helping them to understand their own learning styles and needs.

At Cedar Ridge Academy, we focus on teaching more than just the curriculum. We also focus on teaching our students how to be effective students. As a result of this additional focus, we avoid the approach of ‘just getting them through’ their high school credits. Cedar Ridge Academy students are required to demonstrate “mastery” on each assignment/test before moving forward. Our individualized approach allows us to meet the needs of students who have learning differences or who need remediation.

Although the content comprehension is one way we gauge a student's academic placement, we also consider the student's ability to study, their desire to manage themselves in an academic environment (motivation), and their ability and desire to form a cooperative relationship with their teachers. We find that, within a therapeutic milieu, and with strong support from parents, all students achieve academically.

Make The Right Choice For Your Son Or Daughter

If you have a child who is struggling in school, don't let them fall through the cracks. Get them the right help by seeking out a program like Cedar Ridge Academy. We know our program can make a difference in their life. Call us today for more information at 866-471-6629.