Programs with Fastpitch Softball for Troubled Girls

Sometimes the best way to help a troubled teen is to be able to redirect their bad behavior towards something more productive. At Cedar Ridge Academy we have many different athletic programs including our successful fastpitch Softball for Troubled Girls. We have found that incorporating teens into a sports program along with their studies helps them to progress faster and get better results with our program.

Strong Work Ethic

Team sports remove the individual aspect of a person's skills and allow them to understand the importance of working together as a group. If not everyone is committed and putting forth the effort, the team as a whole suffers. This helps to create a strong work ethic because they are not just doing something for themselves but for the team as a whole.


To play as a true team it is not possible to play without creating friendships between teammates. When you're cheering for each other to do better, making small talk at practice, and taking trips on the bus, you get to know your team. These friendships can last a lifetime and can be a great tool for building a network of connections for later on in life.


Playing team sports is not always going to be roses, sometimes people are going to be annoying, someone one might blow a critical play, or just the fact of being close to the same people day in and day out can cause some tension. The best thing is to learn how to handle those situations and show other respect. Instead of acting out in frustration, the best thing is to channel that energy into being successful.


So the team didn't win again this week, and they haven't won the last two either. Tonight was the hardest though because it wasn't even close. Very rarely does a team go undefeated for an entire season, and even the professional teams lose, even the best teams. Organized sports help players to learn to keep pushing forward, even if it is difficult. Never give up, but best things in life come with hard work.


Players gain greater confidence when they begin to learn about their own strengths and what they can bring to the team. People that are involved in athletics tend to become natural leaders and that can translate directly at an older age in the corporate world. For young girls entering their teenage years, team sports can be especially important. Girls at this age are constantly being bombarded with messages of beauty, popularity, and not being good. This can take a toll on their self-esteem and can lead to eating disorders or other behavioral problems. Team sports allow them to build their confidence and show that they are worth more than just their looks.

Sometimes when all seems lost the best thing a parent can do is to bring order to the situation. Organized sports are one of the best ways to accomplish that, the structure of practices, playing positions, and working together as a team can help bring focus in the teen's life. If you feel like your troubled teen needs more structure in their life and would benefit from a program like this call Cedar Ridge Academy at 866-471-6629 and speak with one of our specialists. We can help you to find the right program for your troubled teen.