Our Academics

Cedar Ridge Academy is an accredited high school that provides an outstanding academic program specifically designed to help troubled teens who have fallen behind and are in need of grade recovery and credit repair. Our academic curriculum is based on our goal to offer a challenging college preparatory program. Not only do our students excel academically, but they are super-charged and ready to transition back into their school at home or enroll directly into college.

Cedar Ridge is structured to provide an optimal learning environment for all students, including those with learning challenges and therapeutic needs. Our flexible but rigorous curriculum is designed to support struggling teens in many ways, including:

  • Direct daily involvement in the therapeutic treatment milieu
  • A flexible balance of independent, group, and class work that accommodates the flow of therapeutic progress
  • Blended learning environment with faculty/student ratio of one to five
  • College prep graduation requirements with nationally recognized credits
  • Regular school day with full, on-site teaching staff
  • A combination of our own curriculum, and Edgenuity fully accredited online high school
  • The opportunity to achieve academic remediation and credit recovery for college and workplace readiness

Cedar Ridge Academy's Educational Philosophy

At Cedar Ridge, we focus on teaching more than just the curriculum. We also focus on teaching our students how to be effective students. As a result of this additional focus, we avoid ‘just getting them through’ their high school credits. Cedar Ridge students are required to demonstrate an acceptable level of competency in each area before moving ahead, regardless of their current grade level.

When a student arrives at Cedar Ridge, we test their academic skills in order to place them at the appropriate levels in their core classes. Some may be required to repeat a class due to insufficient skill. In these cases the material serves as a review and they are able to move ahead quickly to catch up to their grade level in that subject area. Our individual approach allows us to meet the needs of students who have learning differences or who need remediation.

We administer an I-Ready assessment within the first month a student is enrolled. This assessment is used to uncover students' areas of strength and deficit in reading, writing, and mathematics. Results assist in placement as well as in tracking achievement, skill development, and academic progress.

Although the content comprehension is one way we gauge a student’s academic placement, we also consider the student’s ability to study, their desire to manage themselves in an academic manner (motivation), and their ability and desire to form a working relationship with the teachers. Troubled teens turn around academically before returning home.

Almost all of the students at Cedar Ridge have struggles with school, sometimes for academic reasons and sometimes for psychological reasons. Our goal is to ensure that when they exit Cedar Ridge, they are prepared for success in any academic setting they choose to enter.