Hobby Clubs
Hobby Clubs

Hobby Clubs

Cedar Ridge Academy serves the vast diversity of our clientelle by offering a wide range of extracurricular activities to satiate their interests. Cedar Ridge believes the creation of an environment rich in opportunity will help students become more personally invested into the improvement not only in their academics but of their body, mind and spirit. By increasing each student’s participation in both physical and intellectual challenges, we have seen an increase in focus, confidence, social skills, and academics.

Current Hobby Clubs include

  • Chess & Board Games Clubs
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Drama Club
  • French Club
  • Magic Club
  • Lifetime Hobbies Club
  • Technology
  • Karate Training

Chess & Board Games Clubs

chess clubThe Board Game Club allows coed students to practice their social and leadership skills by very actively participating in exciting board games, mutually completing puzzles, and generally having great fun. The Board Game Club is one of our most popular clubs.

The Chess Club is for any student who wants to learn about chess or participate in the game in general. CRA Chess Club includes everyone from the total beginner who has never seen a full game, to the rated tournament chess player.

Students always anticipate the next club meeting with great zeal. All Students are Welcome!

Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club is for students interested in the creative arts, specifically the written word. In the club, students discover the elements of good writing, experience literature (book club portion of the meetings), and writing their own original manuscripts. The club also participates in semi-annual symposium trips.

Drama Club

drama clubThe Drama Club is for anyone interested in the many facets of the theatrical arts. Believing that theatre is an experience offering the opportunity to contemplate oneself, celebrate life, challenge and consider perspectives, and renew one’s view of the world.

The Drama Club engages these ideals through participating in club discussions, taking trips, attending classes, participating in club theater readings, viewing plays, appreciating excellence in theatre, and by supporting and investing in each other.

  • Our Drama Club mission is to:
  • Explore theater arts
  • Recognize excellence in theater arts
  • Enjoy, affirm, and encourage each participant in the theater arts

French Club

The French Club allows students to learn about the French language and culture. In the club, students experience French cooking, art, history, movies, and language. Learning French is the goal of every club meeting. This cultural experience culminates in a tour trip to France with a faculty member who has lived in country and who speaks the language fluently.

Magic Club

The Friday Night Magic Club permits students to learn about and play the card game Magic; The Gathering (MTG). The club is for all those interested in playing and learning more about the game. Club members meet and either play a game or discuss deck building and other strategy matters.

During these meetings, members have the opportunity to fine tune their decks and improve their own understanding of the rules and strategy of the game. Students also attend selected MTG tournaments.

Lifetime Hobbies Club

lifetime hobbies clubThe lifetime hobbies club offers students the opportunity to practice and develop various lifetime hobbies in a coed environment. You never really know ahead of time which activities the students will find interest them or where they will be going. Are you up to the adventure?

  • Club members favorite activities are:
  • Cross country skiing
  • Survival bracelets for soldiers
  • Spelunking
  • Hiking