Academic Excellence for College Bound Students

Cedar Ridge Academy is an accredited private U.S. high school which provides an outstanding academic program that helps all learners to excel. This includes students who may have fallen behind and are looking for a fresh start to attain scholastic success.

Our academic curriculum is based on our goal to offer a challenging college preparatory program. Not only do students who leave after our program excel academically, but they are super-charged and ready to transition back into their school at home or enroll directly into college.

  1. Here at Cedar Ridge Academy, we achieve these goals by offering a rich academic environment that is structured to provide optimal learning for all students, including those with learning differences and therapeutic needs. Read more about academic enrichment activities to enhance student learning.
  2. We achieve improved base scholastic skills (when compared to national data) by focusing on individual student growth, offering a rich, scholastic environment, and teaching students effective coping strategies both for school and life. Read more about addressing learning obstacles by focusing on individual students.
  3. Cedar Ridge Academy uses a blended learning model. The students have access to award-winning online resources for a variety of courses, ranging from each core course (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, History, etc.) to various electives that they may wish to take, such as languages or psychology. In addition, they have access to certified and highly qualified teaching faculty to assist them in the learning process. Read more about blended learning.
  4. Cedar Ridge Academy is an accredited high school through AdvancED. Read more about AdvancED.

Providing Academic Enrichment Activities to Enhance Student Learning

We customize education to provide a highly effective learning environment for individual students at Cedar Ridge Academy  Certified teachers and tutors oversee online classes while providing individual tutoring and small group instruction to complement online classes.

Teachers also present academic supplemental enrichment and engaging experiential learning to provide an outstanding program that assists teens who have historically struggled with school or fallen behind. Cedar Ridge Academy is structured to provide academic assessment, skill remediation, accommodations for learning differences, career guidance, college counseling, ACT preparation and achievement testing.

Because every student is a unique individual who may learn differently, our teachers provide learning experiences that tap into auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and tactile learning styles. Engaged in an online science class, this photo shows a student being assisted by our science teacher who provides an explanation of plate tectonics while using hands-on models for additional visual and tactile learning.

Addressing Learning Obstacles by Focusing on Individual Students

Cedar Ridge Academy addresses learning obstacles by focusing on individual student growth. Upon initial enrollment in Cedar Ridge Academy, many parents have reported varied learning obstacles their students may need assistance with. This information is provided in an open-question format, not from a checklist of academic issues, and shows a strong correlation between certain academic struggles and therapeutic placement in general.

Our school day is scheduled to address ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and ADHD predominantly inattentive type), by having Karate, Yoga, and PE for at least one hour daily, helping students to be more focused and settled while they are in the school. Deadlines and consistent expectations also greatly enhance a student’s ability to focus on academics.

Initial Assessments

When a student enrolls in Cedar Ridge Academy, we do a few initial assessments to help determine where their academic strengths and deficiencies lie. This information is valuable in sorting through a student’s struggles, determining where they need remediation, and where they may display inadequacy as a pattern of learned helplessness.

The primary way in which we learn about a student is through direct interaction. We consider the first three to six months to be a continual scaffolding and formative assessment cycle as we learn the ins and outs of each student, as they learn the ins and outs of themselves, and as they settle in to their new environment.

Students Taught Effective Coping Strategies

The entire structure of Cedar Ridge Academy is designed to address a student's learning obstacles. Students are encouraged to take ownership of their particular challenge(s). They are taught effective coping strategies. Students who take ownership, then master appropriate strategies become effective students. This achievement helps ensure that students develop the skills to become proficient adults.