Academic Bridge Program

Provides 90 day Distraction Free Academic Learning Environment

Cedar Ridge offers an Academic Bridge Program which allows students to reside in a residential treatment center environment free from distraction for 90 days. While enrolled in the Academic Bridge Program, students will have the opportunity to unplug from their home environment in which academic and behavioral decline has occurred, allowing them to rediscover the focus required to master their potential.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Students enrolling straight from home must demonstrate a prior history of academic success (recent struggles with school are expected)
  2. Students enrolling from another school or program must have completed their previous school or program requirements. A professional recommendation (i.e. Therapist, Teacher or Educational Consultant) is required for enrollment.

Academic Bridge Tuition Package

The Academic Bridge Tuition is a comprehensive package that covers the majority of a student’s needs during their stay at our residential treatment center school. For more information on tuition please email admissions at [email protected].

Tuition Includes:

  • Room and board at our safe and serene campus with round-the-clock supervision
  • 20+ hours per week of individual/family/group therapy sessions
  • Topics for therapy are tailored to each individual need and may include areas of concern such as substance abuse, grief, loss, relationship skills, etc.
  • 4:1 student to faculty ratio
  • Parent Workshop
  • Access to an educational program where the student may have an opportunity to earn six or more semester credits with a required grade of B or better
  • Direct school staff support to complete assignments/courses
  • College guidance counseling, as applicable
  • Three to five hours of Shotokan Karate class each week
  • Dietitian planned meals and snacks
  • Leadership development opportunities
  • Independent living skills training and activities
  • Job skills development utilizing crafts, gardening, animal care, grounds maintenance and food preparation, serving, and cleanup
  • Emotional regulation and self awareness training
  • Community service projects
  • Initial clothing package (waist up)
  • Transcript (after final grades are posted)
  • Academic summary and recommendations
  • Therapeutic summary and recommendations

Additional Charges that may occur:

  • Prescription and over-the-counter medications requested by a doctor or parent(s)
  • Special hygiene products (i.e. contact lens solution, acne medication)
  • Cost of packages shipped home
  • Transportation fee to medical, dental, and other off-campus appointments
  • Transportation fee to the airport for home visits
  • Out-of-area and off-campus field trips (i.e. trips to Karate tournaments, Shakespeare Festival trip, Yellowstone Park trip, softball tournaments)
  • Special school supplies that become the student’s personal property
  • Privileged clothing items (i.e. special Karate gi, warm-up suit)
  • Tuition for college correspondence/courses if applicable
  • Additional clothing as needed