About Us

Cedar Ridge Academy is an accredited, year-round Residential Treatment Center located in Roosevelt, Utah. We have worked with privately placed teens ages thirteen to eighteen since 1996. The environment is quiet and supportive. The students are well-behaved and capable.

Cedar Ridge Academy is a privately owned Residential Treatment Center offering many benefits to teens and families. If your teen is motivated, Cedar Ridge may be able to help.

Student Profile

Youth who are college bound but are working on improvements in the following:

  • Academic Success
  • Relationship Building
  • Self Awareness
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Increased Motivation
  • Increased Self-Worth
  • Confidence
  • Self-Control
  • Physical Fitness
  • Empathy
  • Respect
  • Life Skills

Program Model

Thoughtful blend of Exposure Desensitization Therapy and Special Education thru College Preparatory Academics.

Professional Staff

Licensed therapists, licensed teachers and guidance counselors, academic support staff, consulting clinical psychologist, consulting physician.


The Cedar Ridge Academy campus lies in the rural foothills of the Uintah Mountains to ensure the privacy and safety of our students while providing a peaceful, structured, supportive learning environment. Students live in family style homes that will sleep 12-16 students per home. The 100+ acre campus includes a school with a full-sized gymnasium, administrative offices, a cafeteria, gardens, an animal barn, ponds, and an orchard.

Great Academic Environment for Teens

Academic Mission Statement: Our Mission is to provide a holistic educational environment where students can accelerate their learning, achieve academic success, and actualize their inner potential.

We believe

  • All students grow from being held accountable for their choices, both educationally and behaviorally
  • All students can develop appropriate attitudes and relationships to be productive citizens
  • All students have strengths on which to build success
  • Personal success is achieved by nurturing the body, mind, and spirit


Cedar Ridge Academy utilizes a blended learning environment. Teachers work with students on an individual tutorial or small group direct instruction basis to provide academic assistance, supplemental instruction, and experiential learning activities. Cedar Ridge Academy requires eighty percent competency for students to successfully complete assignments before moving on to new content.

Cedar Ridge Academy provides academic assessment, career guidance, college counseling, ACT and PSAT preparation and testing. Our students consistently score above the national average on the ACT.

Admissions Policy

Year round open enrollment.

School Credentials

Accredited as a private high school since 2001 with AdvancEd. Credits are transferable and accepted at any other school.

Summer or Adjunct Programs

School continues through the summer for a total of 240 school days per year.

Therapeutic Mission Statement

Through modeling and teaching we guide youth in a process of positive behavioral change as they acquire the skills and self-knowledge needed to form healthy relationships with others and utilize their individual inner strengths to become mature, well-balanced, productive persons.

Program Description

The Cedar Ridge Academy program focuses on supporting academic and therapeutic growth through improvement of social skills, increasing self-awareness and personal development. While at Cedar Ridge Academy, students participate in weekly individual and group therapy.

Family Involvement

Parents participate in regularly scheduled sessions with their child and therapist. Parent workshops are held three times a year.