ACT Testing

Preparation for College Academics

Cedar Ridge has been continually striving for excellence in ACT testing, this year improving test scores dramatically compared to previous years. As shown in the chart below, Cedar Ridge Academy doubled its advantage over the National and State averages in past school years. The upward trend is likely to continue as Cedar Ridge improves and builds on its success and on the blended learning model going forward. Cedar Ridge, furthermore, has shown improvement in all four areas of the ACT.

ACT composite score average

Cedar Ridge Academy Offers ACT Test Preparation Courses

Although the ACT prep course offered by Cedar Ridge Academy reviews some test content, focus is on familiarity with the test structure and on strategies for managing the test, i.e. pacing, guessing, and other methods for dealing with test questions. The most effective test preparation courses focus on familiarizing students with the test itself and teaching test taking strategies in general.

Researchers suggest that test familiarity removes the unintended obstacles for students, allowing them to test congruent with their ability level. Although the best general preparation for a high stakes college entrance exam is through taking a rigorous course of study in the four core curriculum areas, the best way to prepare immediately before the test is to practice taking the test. The Cedar Ridge Academy course also helps students manage anxiety and increases their self-confidence.