Directory of Services – Cedar Ridge Academy

Parents of troubled teens who are searching for a program for their child have come to the right place. Cedar Ridge Academy is a therapeutic boarding school that focuses heavily not just on the therapeutic aspect like most programs do, but we also focus on academics as well. 

If you are the parent of a child who is in crisis, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call Cedar Ridge Academy. Our Family Advocates would be more than willing to do anything they can to help you in this trying time. You can contact us by calline our toll-free number at 866-471-6629.

Cedar Ridge Academy Academics Program

Most of our students are struggling with issues that are affecting their whole lives in a very negative way. In turn, they’re usually behind in or comepletely failing school. With our advanced educational program, Cedar Ridge Academy offers help with credit recovery and GPA repair. A number of our students who have been way behind in school have caught up to their classmates back home or even graduated early in many cases.

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We, at Cedar Ridge Academy have many different aspects to our treatment program that will greatly benefit your child. Moreover, we do not limit our services to families and teens in our area, we are open to the entire country. We have helped struggling boys and girls all across the United States. If your child is going to truly benefit from a treatment program, they will need to go away from home, where he/she is out of their comfort zone and have no choice but to trust and rely upon our staff and program model.

International Students

Cedar Ridge Academy is now licensed by the United States government to serve teenagers all across the world. Since Cedar Ridge Academy is a college preparatory program with very high academic standards, we help perpare International teens for college in the United States. We have classes that are specifically designed to help these students in preparation for the entrance examinations required by the majority of US colleges and universities.

Help for Struggling Athletes

Cedar Ridge Academy uses sports as a therapeutic outlet for our students. We offer Karate, fastpitch softball and basketball so your child who is involved with these sports doesn’t have to skip a beat when coming to our program to get the other parts of their lives back on track. We have had students who had a possible future in these sports, but could never reach their goals due to bad behavior and academic struggles go on to receive college scholarships after graduating our program.

Information About Our Services

Please feel free to read through our directory of the services we offer. Cedar Ridge Academy is tried and battle proven, we have the experience, the desire and tools to help your troubled teen overcome the issues that are holding him/her back. To speak with a representative immediately, please call 866-471-6629 for a free consultation.