Cedar Ridge RTC Boys Basketball

CRA Basketball Team Picture  Cedar Ridge Boys Basketball Team PictureCedar Ridge’s basketball team plays competitively year round. This is not a typical high school team that plays 20-30 games per season, but rather a tournament team playing approximately 15 tournaments a year for an average of 80 games a year.

Unlike typical formats of public education, these players will be in an environment where they all share the same goal:  learning to be accountable to one another on and off the court.  Sharing in this common goal will give each student athlete a sense of pride in their school and most importantly in themselves. Living and playing in this environment will truly build core values and long-lasting relationships.

“We hope to attract gifted athletes, who are driven to excel in their sport as well as in life!”

Student Athletes Love Playing Basketball at Cedar Ridge

Although the specifics vary greatly, the typical profiles of participants interested in this type of program can be described by the following:

  • The athlete is skilled, but has a desire to improve.
  • They value health/fitness.
  • Education is a priority.

This environment is unique in the fact that while challenging the athlete’s skills on the court, our program will also address an individual’s other needs to promote character-building, social, and academic needs.

Athletic Eligibility

Once enrolled at Cedar Ridge, student athletes can meet eligibility requirements in as few as two weeks. If a student athlete loses eligibility, they may regain eligibility in as few as two weeks.


Introducing Head Coach Wes Nielson

Wes Nielson has been working with youth at Cedar Ridge since the establishment of the program in 1996.  He spends a great deal of time with each student, recognizing that the greatest accomplishments in life require the balancing of character and athletic ability.  He mentors these students on and off the court to ensure that each athlete representing our school is of the highest caliber.

Wes earned his Bachelor of Science in Family and Human Development from Utah State University.  He went on to complete his Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Phoenix and utilizes all acquired skills in his current position as coach and Executive Director at Cedar Ridge Academy.

Wes brings his lifelong passion for sports and experience to Cedar Ridge’s basketball team where he trains our young athletes the skills necessary for college sports.

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Whiterocks, Utah

Men’s Open


Jr. Jazz / Roosevelt, Utah

High School


3 vs. 3 St. George, Utah

18 U


3 vs. 3 St. George, Utah

16 U


Ft. Duchesne Men’s Basketball

Men’s Open