Cedar Ridge Academy: Accredited Academics

Complement Students Therapeutic Goals

Accredited Academics at Cedar Ridge Academy Residential Treatment Therapeutic Boarding School complements larger therapeutic program goals by providing an effective course of study for each student. We are excited to provide students with award-winning and engaging curriculum, and we also recognize the importance of learning through interpersonal and peer interaction. Students maintain the opportunity to work on-campus with licensed professionals one-on-one and in small groups. Our full-time licensed teaching staff and other education professionals provide individual instruction and tutoring in the computer lab and the classroom – identifying struggling students and evaluating needs. They provide supplemental instruction and experiential learning activities that complement the course material and apply student learning to the real world. Cedar Ridge Academy is structured to provide an optimal learning environment for all students, including those with learning challenges and therapeutic needs.

At Cedar Ridge Academy Faculty & staff coach Students To take accountability for choices & problem solve to achieve positive change

We have observed over the past sixteen years that educational growth happens in conjunction with, and also as a result of personal growth. Students who are struggling to successfully interact with adults and peers often struggle academically as a result. Cedar Ridge Academy supports the larger program by focusing on empowering students to make positive changes in their own lives and to own their educational choices and experience. Our faculty and staff expect students to advocate for themselves. They coach students on problem solving and executive functioning. More often than not, once students begin taking accountability for their choices and address therapeutic issues, academic growth is accelerated and students begin to engage fully in school.


Cedar Ridge Academy Credits Graph  Accredited Academics | Cedar Ridge Academy Cedar Ridge Academy Credits Graph  Accredited Academics Cedar Ridge Academy Credits Graph

Students who have progressed through the therapeutic levels (shown above as 500 – 900) have typically earned up to four credits more than students in a traditional school setting during similar time periods. Most students enter Cedar Ridge Academy with mild to moderate learning challenges and a poor school performance record.

Cedar Ridge Academy | Academics Curriculum & Individual Student Needs

Cedar Ridge Academy recently partnered with Edgenuity to provide students with up-to-date curriculum delivered through a multi-modal, technologically savvy format. Our decisions to include online instruction learning is based largely on student needs. Educational professionals continue to address the need to prepare students for a more and more technologically based economy and society. The explosion of social media and the nearly universal acceptance of online commerce further illustrate the need for our students to be comfortable working in an online context. Edgenuity provides stimulating activities, lectures, and real-time interaction through their online course work while holding students to high standards of competency. Their broad range of courses has also significantly increased our ability to prepare students for college and career aspirations. And, while we recognize the benefits of incorporating Edgenuity into our daily learning, Cedar Ridge Academy was founded on a social learning model and is committed to keeping interpersonal interaction a significant part of a student’s learning.

Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School Academics  Accredited Academics | Cedar Ridge Academy Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School Academics  Accredited Academics Cedar Ridge Academy Therapeutic Boarding School Academics

We are excited about the improvements to our school, and are reassured that the successful therapeutic components that have always contributed to the success of our students remain strong and intact. We intend to provide you with what we believe is a great opportunity for your child.