Academic Programs for Struggling Boys and Girls from Corpus Christi, Texas

ACADEMIC PROGRAMS FOR STRUGGLING BOYS AND GIRLS IN CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS  ACADEMIC PROGRAMS FOR STRUGGLING BOYS AND GIRLS FROM CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS 7656965748 18c51ca729There is a growing trend in Corpus Christi, Texas that has parents worried. Too many of their children are finding it difficult to remain focused in school, putting their opportunity to attend college at risk. These kids aren’t necessarily bad students; rather they seem preoccupied with emotional stresses that they are dealing with due to trouble at home, mild depression or anxiety, and sometimes peer pressure to participate in underage drinking or illegal drug usage. If the emotional matters aren’t dealt with, the chances of these students going to college are slim. But there is hope. Private prep schools that not only help students re-engage in their academics, they also offer therapeutic treatments to help with the issues that are disturbing their school experience.

The Academic Excellence programs offered by Cedar Ridge Academy include therapeutic care for at-risk students preparing for college. Call 1-866-471-6629 to find out more.

Troubled Teens in Corpus Christi, TX Find Help

Cedar Ridge Academy is a private therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenage boys and girls. The Academic Excellence programs are designed to prepare students for college, while treating the emotional concerns that have arrested their progress in school. Typically students at Cedar Ridge are not bad people, they just need a hand in getting a grip on their studies and an empathic ear from their teachers and therapists. As the teachers work individually with the students, there are opportunities to build upon small successes and gradually create positive character traits that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Cedar Ridge is a drug-free program, but teens that need help with substance abuse or other addictive behaviors will receive a treatment program to address those problems, while getting the educational support they need to enter college. To ensure safety, no applicants with a background that includes violent or psychotic behaviors will be allowed to attend Cedar Ridge. If you feel this is the kind of preparatory program that would help your child, please contact the admissions office for more details by calling 1-866-471-6629.