Academic and Learning Difficulties in Teens

There are many teens in our country today that struggle with academic and learning difficulties. Although this a very common deficiency among teens, those who struggle with academics tend to feel stupid and will often times have low self worth and a distorted, inaccurate self image.

Luckily for parents of troubled teens that struggle with learning difficulties, there is hope. Therapeutic boarding schools such as Cedar Ridge Academy are completely dedicated to providing academic restoration to troubled teens that so desperately need it. To learn more about our comprehensive academic curriculum, please call our Admissions Director today at 866-471-6629.

Academics & Learning Difficulties in Teens  Academic and Learning Difficulties in Teens 7632053676 d68485f554Teens that suffer with learning difficulties are often times misunderstood. These teens may have a low self image due to peers, family member, and sometimes even teachers referring to their disability as “stupidity.” These teens will often times hear vulgar insults and people name calling. The extremely offensive derogatory slang term “retarded” is a prevalent slur often times hurled at those who have a difficult time learning.

Cedar Ridge is here to assist teens who currently endure academic and learning difficulties every day…

Cedar Ridge is a premier therapeutic boarding school for both troubled boys and troubled girls. Cedar Ridge implements mandatory Shotokan Karate training to help students learn discipline, and respect for themselves, peers, as well as authority figures. Cedar Ridge is known for a top of the line, college preparatory program that allows students to go at their own pace and to work on lost credits in order to assist them in graduating on time. Cedar Ridge is here to help.

If you are a parent of a teen that views themselves as stupid, or feels as though they are useless due to their learning difficulties, it is of the upmost importance you utilize the many services Cedar Ridge Academy has to offer you and your teen. For immediate assistance, please contact us now at 866-471-6629.