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University Preparatory Schools for International Teens

For international teens considering attending University in the United States, going to a university preparatory school like Cedar Ridge Academy can be an important way to build the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed. Our program centers around taking international teens and giving them the classroom experiences and personal attention they need to live up to their full academic potential. With our help, hundreds of teens have improved their school performance, increased their test scores, and gotten into top level universities. Your son or daughter could have the same great results by attending our school. Please don't hesitate to contact us today for additional information about the services we provide and how they could benefit your international teen. You can reach us immediately at 866-471-6629.

International Teens Can Benefit From University Preparatory Schools

Though our school serves all teens, international students in particular can benefit from attending our program. One of the key reasons for this is the time this gives them to adapt to the high work load of American universities and the differences in culture they will experience while studying away from home. Dropping a student into an American university without an intermediary program like a preparatory school can leave them feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with the new demands being placed on them. Spending just a short time with us will give them the opportunity they need to get their academics on track and build valuable life skills to ensure that they experience academic success in university.

Why Parents Choose Cedar Ridge For University Preparation

1 - Specialized programs - We have designed our academy to provide international students with a high level of support and guidance as they make the transition into university level education.

2 - Small class sizes - We operate classes that have an excellent student to teacher ratio to ensure that every student gets the attention they need. The end result of this approach is a more individualized education that meets a student's unique needs instead of simply putting them through a standardized process.

3 - Improved test scores - Our program has proven itself to be extremely effective in helping students raise their scores on tests like the ACT and SAT. These are very important in determining the quality of the college or university they will attend.

Parents Of International Students Should Contact Us Today

If you are ready to take advantage of the great benefits of university preparatory schools for international teens, then please don't hesitate to contact Cedar Ridge Academy today. We are the best choice for any international student who is serious about getting ready to enter an American university. Our programs will really make an impact on your son or daughter and ensure that they have all of the skills they need to be a huge academic success. Don't let them miss out on this important opportunity. You can contact us today for more information at 866-471-6629.

Teen Living

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Home - University Preparatory Schools for International Teens

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