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U.S. Private Boarding School for International Students

International students looking for a Study Abroad opportunity in the U.S. are welcome at Cedar Ridge Academy’s Private International Residential Treatment Center. Cedar Ridge Academy provides a unique opportunity for International students to adjust to U.S. culture in a safe and structured environment. Our small student population allows our faculty and staff to have meaningful interactions with each student.

What Sets Us Apart from Other International Private Schools

1) Blended Learning and “self paced” academics - Students at Cedar Ridge Academy have a blend of academic experiences including: traditional teacher lead instruction, one on one teacher tutoring, and “online” class instruction that can be watched repeatedly and or paused so the student can ask questions, or look up information.

2) Academic Mastery - Students must complete each assignment, quiz, and test with a minimum score of 80% before being allowed to move forward in the curriculum. When a student scores less than 80% they are required to repeat that assignment, quiz, or test.

3) Integrated Therapy - Students at Cedar Ridge Academy have the advantage of onsite professional Therapists to help students adjust to expectations of U.S. culture, and improve their nonverbal/verbal communication skills. This will result in a smoother transition to College.

4) Diet and Exercise -

  • Cedar Ridge Academy integrates dietician planned meals and snacks helping to ensure your students nutritional needs are being met.
  • Cedar Ridge Academy students have weekly Shotokan Karate classes and scheduled Physical Education classes during the school day. The students also have a variety of extracurricular sports they can participate in including basketball, golf, volleyball, and fast pitch softball.

Open enrollment and Year-round Academics

Calendaring (scheduling) a school year around semesters and U.S. holidays at an international school is difficult to say the least. It is also unfair to our international students. Cedar Ridge Academy has opted out of the traditional semester oriented school year for a more flexible year-round school schedule. At Cedar Ridge Academy students can enroll in class regardless of the time of year. They can also “pause” their educational progress for holidays, visits with their families, and other special events.

We Can Help Prepare your International Student for College in the U.S.
Having your student graduate from Cedar Ridge Academy will help prepare them for future academic success at college or University. Parents and students can contact us at 001-435-724-0899 or email us at - [email protected]

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Home - Private Boarding Schools International Students

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