Underlying issues

Un.der.ly.ing / iss.ues

|ˌəndərˈlī-i ng | |ˈi sh oō|

Underlying issues are psychological issues that lead to personal, negative behaviors and emotions. Underlying issues are not obvious afflictions and are usually hidden or upstaged by out of control behaviors that an individual displays. A person who displays out of control and self -destructive behaviors is doing so, because they are struggling with hidden, underlying issues that they are incapable of appropriately dealing with.

Due to the fact that underlying issues are hidden, they are consequently difficult to diagnose and treat. However, through an individual's erratic and harmful behaviors, one can conclude that the person is suffering from personal and hidden, psychological maladies. Furthermore, a person acting out in harmful ways can be treated based on their behaviors. Additionally, through treating an individual based on their self-destructive actions, therapeutic professionals are able to diagnose and then treat the underlying afflictions of the person.

Underlying issues of troubled teens

The out of control, self-destructive behavioral patterns of a troubled adolescent can be attributed to their hidden, psychological disorders. Moreover, parents of a teen displaying such behaviors, can trust the services of a treatment program that specializing in treating such disorders. Therapeutic treatment options, such as therapeutic boarding schools, have proven to be a viable option for parents of troubled teens.