Troubled teens

trou.bled teens

|ˈtrəbəld| |tēnz|

The term, 'troubled teen,' is a broad terminology used to describe adolescents who display out of control and self-destructive behaviors. It is important for parents of troubled teens to find appropriate assistance for their teen in terms of correcting their self-destructive behaviors.

The negative behaviors of troubled teens vary considerably in particularity and severity. Troubled teens display negative behaviors including, disrespect authority, skipping academic obligations, over-promiscuity, self-harm and engaging in harmful substance abuses. If these actions are left untreated, troubled adolescents are at risk of developing life-long habits that may not only destroy their potential, but may lead to fatal consequences.

Troubled teen treatment

Due to the potential, life-threatening repercussions of troubled teen's behaviors, it is is crucial for parents to seek treatment for their child. Treatment for troubled teens is plentiful in terms of sheer numbers of therapeutic options. Parents can find solace in choosing treatment options, such as a therapeutic boarding school or a residential treatment center.