Self / es.teem


Self-esteem is the way in which a person views and feels about themselves. An individual who has a high self-esteem holds themselves in high regard and likes who they are as a person. People with high self-esteem are proud to be who they are and are confident in all of the things they do.

A person's self-esteem may stem from how well they do in certain activities and skills that they deem as important. These skills and activities can range from an individual's occupation, schooling, how well they dress, or how their physical appearance compares with peers. If an individual lacks capability of establishing characteristics that they consider important, the individual may then develop a poor self-esteem.

Trou.bled teens and self-esteem

Troubled teens (teenagers who display out of control behaviors), often suffer from a low self-esteem. For one reason or another, troubled teens fail to meet personal standards they set for themselves, as well as, expectation standards set by others. Due to their feelings of inadequacy, troubled adolescents display out of control behaviors and may even self-medicate with harmful addictions. For teens such as these, the behavioral services of a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens is a viable service for parents to consider.