Rebellious behavior

Re.bell.ious \ be.hav.ior


Rebellious behavior is an action demonstrated by an individual who chooses to disobey any and all sorts of established authority, no matter how negatively these actions may affect their life.

An individual who displays rebellious behavior fights and resists any authority they feel is oppressing them. These individuals feel justified and righteous in their fight against authority, despite any palpable evidence that suggests otherwise. For instance, a troubled teen may feel as though they are justified in disobeying rules set forth by their parents. A troubled teen may feel as though their parents' rules are too strict, unfair and perhaps even, inhumane. Consequently, the teen feels justified in rebelling against his or her parents, and disregards their rules altogether. While the teen may feel as though their parents are 'oppressive' and cruel,' they fail to realize that these rules are structured boundaries established to ensure their safety.

A troubled teen who's rebellious behaviors are unprovoked, or have become uncontrollable and self-destructive, can find the stable, therapeutic and self-improving treatment they require at a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens.