High school


hī/ sko͞ol/

High school is a phase of schooling that typically comprises of grades 9 through 12. The purpose of high school is to prepare students for life after adolescents. In high school, a student will learn the necessary knowledge that is considered to be fundamental for living a functional, adult lifestyle. High school is also used to help prepare students for college, an elective source of schooling if they choose to continue their education.

High schools come in many different forms. There are two primary forms, consisting of public and private. Public schools are the traditional option while, on the contrary, private schools often cost a substantial amount of money. Private schools are typically expensive. The high cost of private schooling is due to their advanced and wide range of academic material. While public schools are effective in preparing students for college, private schools are highly sought after because of their prestige. To summarize, private high schools provide students with ample opportunities, more so than public schools.

Schooling for troubled teens

When concerning troubled teens, there are many treatment options that provide their particular form of high school. In conjunction with their particular form of treatment, treatment options, such as therapeutic boarding schools, offer primary and sometimes, advanced academic curriculum. Treatment options, such as therapeutic boarding schools, employ credited teachers that assist students in their individual schooling.