Group therapy

group /
groōp| |ˈθerəpē|


Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines group therapy as, "a form of psychotherapy in which a group of patients meet to describe and discuss their problems together under the supervision of a therapist." Group therapy is a standard therapeutic technique that has proven to be an efficient and powerful tool for treating people who suffer from psychological and addictive disorders.

Group therapy is sometimes used by itself to treat a psychologically damaged individual. However, group therapy is more commonly used supplementally, and in conjunction with other types of treatment, such as individual therapy and rehabilitation. Many different types of residential treatment facilities utilize group therapy in their therapeutic curriculum.

Troubled teens and group therapy

Troubled teens are a demographic who can Indubitably benefit from the services of group therapy. These teens find benefits because group therapy requires a team dynamic. Group therapy requires people to engage, give feedback and help each other through their own, personal struggles. When troubled teens support each other,  they learn invaluable team building skills, as well as build genuine comradeship. Teens, when participating in therapeutic fellowship, can  realize that they are not alone in their debilitating, psychological turmoil.