Family therapy
fam·i·ly | ther.ap.y
ˈfam(ə)lē/ THerəpē/

The Mayo Clinic describes family therapy as Family therapy is a type of psychological counseling (psychotherapy) that helps family members improve communication and resolve conflicts.

Family therapy is typically used as a short-term kind of treatment. Family therapy is used to alleviate stress within the household, between the family members who reside in it. Once the family therapy sessions successfully relieve the tensions and stresses between individual members, families may no longer require the constant assistance of family therapy sessions.

Family therapy sessions are particularly helpful for families with troubled teens. Troubled teens, who display out of control and negative behaviors, often cause a lot of strain and tension within their household. Their uncontrollable and chaotic behaviors cause stress within the household, which can sometimes alienate and pit family members against each other. Through family therapy sessions and activities, family members of the troubled teen can rebuild the foundation of their damaged relationship. This framework allows the family to support the recovery of the troubled, out of control child.