English is defined as, a course or individual class in the study of English language, literature, or composition. English is one of the four core courses taught in our country's general educational system. The base course of English studies begins with a student's first school year and continues on until the completion of their primary education ( k-12).

English and language arts is one of the most crucial subjects a student studies while enrolled in academics. Besides functioning as a primary course of education, English knowledge is applicable in everyday life. A person who develops strong language arts skills is more capable of living a successful and fruitful lifestyle than an individual who lacks fundamental language skills. Those who possess English knowledge and expertise can capitalize on opportunities such as, advanced schooling and sought-after employment.

To summarize, learning English skills is not only helpful in achieving desirable grades in school, but is also a very useful tool for everyday life. In addition, those who lack English skills such as, proper grammar, reading comprehension and correct spelling ability, do not have to suffer for the entirety of their lives. It is never too late to adapt and learn new language skills.

Troubled teens who lack basic language arts skills can benefit from the educational services of therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens.