Drug treatment

Drug / Treat.ment

drəg| |ˈtrētmənt|

Drug treatment is a broad spectrum of clinical care that is designed to assist drug addicted individuals in fully recovering from their life threatening habit. Drug treatment comes in many forms that differ significantly in methods they use.

The different kinds of treatment

There are nearly countless forms and variations of drug treatment. However, the most widely used treatment programs include, long-term residential, short-term residential, outpatient, individualized counseling, group counseling, and criminal justice-involved drug therapies. The appropriate treatment that best suits an individual depends on the particular individual and the severity of their struggles.

Troubled teen drug treatment

While there are many substance abuse treatments for adults, there may be just as many for troubled teens. In today's age, teens are experimenting, socially abusing and suffering from potential life-long, and life threatening addictions in epidemic proportions. Consequently, there are now more options for these addicted teens than ever. The standard treatments for these teens are the same procedures as adults, with the addition of teen-specific therapies. These teen-specific treatments include therapeutic boarding schools and group homes for troubled adolescents.