Drug Abuse

Drug | ab.use

/drəɡ/ /əˈbyo͞oz/


Drug abuse is defined as, compulsive or excessive use of abusing drugs or substances. Individuals who abuse drugs do so, for a variety of reasons. The main reason an individual abuses drugs is to escape reality, a reality they view as unbearable to deal with psychologically. Individuals who abuse drugs are typically very depressed and see drug abuse as their only way of coping with said abuse.

Drug abuse is a somber affliction for anyone to deal with mentally. If left untreated, addiction can very quickly destroy the lives of anyone and may even lead result in fatal consequences. It if for this reason that individuals who struggle with drug abuse find treatment for their disorder immediately.

There are many treatment options for troubled adolescents who struggle with drug abuse and addiction. Treatment options such as, residential treatment, is a viable option for parents of a drug addicted teen to consider.